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Psychological Therapy

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Psychological Therapy


A completion of Behavior Therapies, including, Aversive Conditioning, Operant Conditioning; description of other forms of therapy: Cognitive, Cognitive Behavior, Humanistic, Gestalt, Psychoanalysis, Psychodynamic, Eclectic, Group/Family

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University Of South Carolina-Columbia
Psyc 101 - Intro to Psychology
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PSYC 101 1st Edition Lecture 34 Outline of Last Lecture II Drug Therapies Continued a Antidepressants b Lithium III Other Biomedical Therapies a Electroconvulsive Shock Therapy IV Psychological Therapies a Behavior Therapies i Classical Conditioning 1 Systematic Desensitization Outline of Current Lecture Psychological Therapy Continued V Behavior Therapies Classical Conditioning Continued a Aversive Conditioning VI Operant Conditioning a Token Economy VII Cognitive Therapies VIII Cognitive Behavior Therapies IX Humanistic Therapies a Carl Rogers Client Centered Therapy X Gestalt Therapy XI Psychoanalysis XII Psychodynamic XIII Eclectic XIV Group Family Therapy Current Lecture I II III Behavior Therapies Continued Classical Conditioning a Aversive Conditioning replacing a positive response with a negative response i Antabuse alcohol Operant Conditioning a Token Economy giving rewards for desired behaviors Cognitive Therapies teach people new more adaptive ways of thinking and acting These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute IV V VI VII VIII IX X a Negative thinking patterns influence your mental health Albert Ellis Rational Emotive Therapy musterbating awfulizing catastrophizing Cognitive Behavior Therapies change self defeating thinking and behavior Aaron Beck a Give homework diaries getting out of the house exercising meeting new people Humanistic Therapies focus on self fulfillment i Past is not important ii Conscious iii Responsibility for one s feelings iv Promote growth b Carl Rogers Client Centered Therapy nondirective i Genuineness acceptance and empathy ii Active listening iii Ideal vs actual selves Gestalt Therapy Fritz Perls mental illness comes from lack of self awareness of true feelings a Directive b Body Awareness c Empty Chair Technique Psychoanalysis Freud bring repressed childhood feelings into conscious awareness Psychodynamic understanding current symptoms by exploring childhood a Face to face fewer sessions deemphasizes sexual conflict Eclectic Group Family Therapy Grad Student Speaker

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