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Casey Anthony Trial

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Casey Anthony Trial


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Cj 100 - Intro Criminal Justice
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CJ 100 MWF 9 9 50 Lecture 25 Outline of Current Lecture II Casey Anthony Case III Verdict IV Case V Prosecution VI Key Evidence VII Caylee s Law VIII Civil Trail Current Lecture Casey Anthony Verdict o o o o Case o o o o o o o o o First degree murder pre meditated not guilty Child Abuse not guilty Aggravated man slaughter could be accidental not guilty Providing false information to police multiple accounts guilty Took 31 days to report daughter missing She was living the good life during those 31 days wild party photos etc She lied about so much and said she worked at Orlando studios when she didn t Huge trial by media case 24 hour news case Criminal trial must be proven beyond reasonable doubt Nancy Grace former prosecutor didn t like Casey Anthony Not right that Casey Anthony isn t in jail devil is dancing somewhere People who were in the court screamed and yelled when she was not guilty Main players in case Casey Anthony mom Caleigh Anthony victim George and Cindy Anthony Casey Anthony s parents Cindy Anthony many people thought she was trying to cover for her daughter George Anthony tried to cover it up according to prosecution These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Jose Bias defense attorney Prosecution they said that she pre meditated this and killed her own child Prosecution threw in another charge to cover all bases not smart to do Press Conference Baby s bones fount 2 year old child is dead Mother partied when child was missing Dr Jan doctor in charge of autopsy 8 08 PM Panicked 911 call Grandmother Cindy calls police and says child is missing June 2008 according to Cindy Casey goes to Jacksonville for work Takes Caleigh with her July 15th 2008 Grandparents find Casey s car in Orlando when they re supposed to be in Jacksonville George finds bag of trash in car even though it smelled like a dead body Casey tells grandfather that baby was missing for 30 days Cindy calls 911 and Casey gets on the phone and sounds calm Casey claims that the babysitter took the baby Visit to home of nanny When police get there nanny babysitter is gone People think maybe the babysitter never existed Casey Anthony threw a random name in there and she then lost her job and house all because of Casey Anthony This fictitious nanny is suing Casey Anthony in civil court Casey is a liar She said she was an event planner at universal studios and it was a lie Casey never left Orlando the entire month that she said she was in Jacksonville All Casey talked about was new boyfriend Tons of party pictures went on the web Hundreds of people came out and searched for her October 2008 Missing for 4 months Vehicle was forensic tested High levels of chloroform Hair decomposition found in car Investigators believe that she s dead and at some point the dead body was in the trunk 22 year old Casey Anthony is charged with daughters murder 1st degree murder Child abuse Aggravated manslaughter 4 counts of ling to police Skeleton found could be Caleigh Anthony Near home of Casey Anthony Game changer Forensic evidence Baby blanket shirt shorts and little bones found Body of child had to have been placed out there for months Child was just dumped in the woods o Child had duct tape over lower face o Teeth still in place and jaw still attached to skull nothing that keeps it together when you decompose o Duct tape told us it was put there before she started decomposing o No traumatic injury to skull o Roots growing into bone bone has to be totally decomposed before that happens Prosecution o Very little physical evidence o Delay in recovering Caylee s remains o Built Case around Casey s moral character party lifestyle liar etc o Liar murderer Key Evidence Strand of hair from trunk Air sampling procedure found traces of Chloroform Google searches of chloroform Canadian computer expert said it was googled 80 times then he went to say one time and then maybe not at all Caylee s remains were found on December 11 2008 Found in a trash bag with a blanket and duct tape Cause of death was undetermined Biggest limiting factor test Defense Accidental drowning in family swimming pool George Anthony disposed of the body Defense said that Casey lied because of her dysfunctional family They wanted to put any kind of doubt in the Jury s mind Fantasy Forensics was that the prosecution had very little physical evidence and the prosecution is using new technologies in court Casey Anthony Thoughts Prosecution vs Defense theories Prosecution though she would plea bargain First degree vs aggravated manslaughter Beyond a reasonable doubt Burden of proof for first degree murder charge Prosecution TEST Big mistakes 1 Over trying 2 Over Charging Remember no actual cause of death was found Caylee s Law Impose stricter requirements on parents to notify law enforcement of the death or disappearance of a child Felony is a parent or legal guardian fails to report a missing child in a timely manner Expost factor is the reason why Casey Anthony cannot be tried on this new law New Evidence the day that Caylee went missing fool proof suffocation methods had been searched and then immediately signed into Casey Anthony s Myspace Casey Anthony Civil Trial Criminal vs Civil Court Beyond a reasonable doubt vs preponderance of evidence Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez defamation suit it slurred her name and she lost her job house and reputation She lost everything and it was slander Defamation Term for any statement that hurts someone s reputation not a crime but a tort civil wrong Written defamation Libel Spoken Defamation Slander

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