TAMU ENTO 208 - Kissing Bugs and Chagas disease (2 pages)

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Kissing Bugs and Chagas disease

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Kissing Bugs and Chagas disease


Overview of kissing bugs and Chagas disease

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Texas A&M University
Ento 208 - Veterinary Entomology
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ENTO 208 1st Edition Lecture 21 Outline of Lecture 20 Tick borne diseases I Equine Piroplasmosis II Relapsing Fever III IV V VI African Swine Fever Ehrilichiosis rickettsia Anaplasmosis granulocytic anaplasmosis Tick Tick borne disease control Outline of Lecture 21 Kissing Bugs I Characteristics II Where III Chagas disease Current Lecture Kissing Bugs Order Hemiptera Suborder Heteroptera Family Reduviidae 13 genera in the western hemisphere All stages are obligate hematophagous 5 nymph immature stages winged adults Nocturnal Attracted by CO2 heat light Houses have all of these They are dark brown black with stripes thin legs a cone nose and thin rostrum mouth part Where Some in US can be found across the country found in the southern half Local sylvatic opossums rats bats anything really peridomestic dogs chickens rabbits domestic in houses some have lost the ability to live outside Chagas disease 8 10 million people infected worldwide In Texas found in dogs Life cycle of agent deposited on skin by bug s feces rubbed into bite wound by host enters body and travels to heart Transmission vector borne oral route congenital blood transfusion organ transplant Clinical Manifestations non specific acute phase cardiac or digestive chronic phase strain type variations These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Outlook no cure Treatment two drugs benznidizole nitfurtimox bad side effects comes down to symptom management Sterocorial transmission some people think that the cases are fewer in the US because the bugs here wait to poop till they are off the host not proven Diagnosing Chagas disease antibody detection microscopic detection of parasite culture detection of parasite DNA

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