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Article Review

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Article Review


Review of the articles for the week

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University of Wisconsin, Madison
Psych 225 - Experimental Psychology
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Psych 225 Lecture 21 Outline of Last Lecture 1 Page and Moss 2 Rojhan Article 3 Social Desirability 4 Chapter 11 Outline of Current Lecture 1 Demand Characteristics a Turner and Simon 2 Kasser article 3 Ways to decrease demand characteristics 4 Nichols and Maner 5 Start of Gross Article Current Lecture Slide B Demand Characteristics Turner and Simons 1974 P s were angered hands in freezing cold water Later opportunity to retaliate via shocks Gun present for all not an IV because present for all DV shock intensity These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute study of how people react when gun s present sophistication know why guns present present evaluation told studying psychological effects high Sophistication Knowledge Evaluation app Absent Present Low High Mod High Low Low what s motivating P s if not demand characteristics trying to present themselves in the most favorable light just because I m angered doesn t mean I will react Slide Kasser et al challenge explanation of aggressive behavior in male pair bonded birds male pair bonded birds exhibit heightened testosterone and is adaptive response threat increase testosterone might increased aggression of weapons effect be accompanied by an increase in testosterone Slide Kasser male P s reported for taste sensitivity test don t eat smoke drink brush teeth for 1 hour prior whether taste sensitivity was related to attention to detail when describing objects pretest saliva samples for hormone analysis really get a baseline measure of testosterone Slide Kasser IV type of object neutral versus weapon held object wrote assembly and disassembly instructions Pretest saliva Game Mouse trap Pellet gun modeled after Desert Eagle Automatic Rate drink prepared by another P Prep drink for another P Post test saliva no change Post test increased testosterone used 3 times more hot sauce this experiment seems more free of demand characteristics Slide Ways to decrease demand characteristics 1 credible cover story 2 unobtrusive non reactive measures 3 filler items tasks 4 no pre test 5 between subjects 6 unrelated independent experiment technique 1st expt manipulate IV 2nd expt measure DV EXAMPLE 1st experiment IV extent of violence in films interested in impact of others of responses to films P s rated films acting cinematography script thanked given points debrief 2nd experiment how juries make decision read summary of sexual assault case Real DVS verdict and sentence complete debriefing idea is high degree of violence in the film may desensitize the P s to the violence in the court case may be more lenient with sentence 7 Avoid explicit instructions e g please try to experience imagine the mood of the story film music 8 include suspicion checks see Nichols and Maner 9 Include a demand control group E asks P s to behave as if act as if Study H Negative v positive affect increased liking of depressed target after P s read story get acquainted with target Affect of story Happy Sad Neutral imagine you are sad 2 50a 5 50b 3 50a As hypothesized the more sad people were the more they like depressed target DV liking of depressed target if demand group get 5 00 for neutral group then maybe they get the point of the study would mean the perception of study is being measured rather than misery loves company Slide Nichols and Maner 2008 the good subject effect factors that influence if they act in accordance with H liking of E social desirability does research seem worth doing Gender Relationship status Method male confederate P s who just finished expt told real P that study was designed to test whether Ps preferred pics on the left some other study show people prefer pictures on the left no IV P s viewed 10 pairs of neutral IAPS pics from affective site that gave us dimension of wordsvalence made sure pictures on the left aren t more aesthetically pleasing counterbalanced position of pics P s selected preferred pic on each trial Measures of pics attitudes toward E expt social desirability how did N M determine whether M 5 67 indicated that P s behaved in accord with perceived H t test to compare negative relation between social desirability and left selections how did they explain this see article Slide The Impact of Alcohol and Alcohol Expectancies on Male Perception of Female Sexual Arousal in a Date Rape Analog Gross article 14 Slide see packet pg 201

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