CU-Boulder FILM 1502 - Questioning Experimentalism (2 pages)

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Questioning Experimentalism

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Questioning Experimentalism


Examples of experimental film

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University of Colorado at Boulder
Film 1502 - Introduction to Film Studies
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FILM 1502 1st Edition Lecture 23 Outline of Last Lecture I What is Experimental Film and how has it changed over time Is it inherently political II What is the difference between formal experimentation and experimental narratives III How does surrealism branch formal experimentalism and the cinema avant garde Outline of Current Lecture I How did the emergence of cinema and experimentation spur on notions of media utopianism II Has the political edge of experimental cinema been blunt by the passing of time Why or why not III Discussion Looking at the wide variety of formal and narrative experimentation in the films we ve seen what characteristics do these films share and what purposes do you think they serve Current Lecture Questioning Experimentalism 11 20 Experimental Cinema What s the big idea o Make you feel something surreal emotional music use Into the 1980s o Digital aesthetic a lot of noise activity happening in process of filming scene low resolution meant cheaper in tape could go home and edit it o Adaptation and machinima utilization of video game engines to create some sort of media that it wasn t intented to be o Difference b w what we think of as narrative and non narrative cinema Experimental film seemingly non narrative still have a story behind Mothlight Stan Brakhage 1963 Material experimentation tactility of film Seeing images of moth wings under a microscope Conceptual making a film about something he was struggling with describing himself in his current state Q2 Corrigan and White identify three primary organizational patterns Associative structural and participatory These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Primary Types of Organizing Films Associative o Loose relationships b w images and sounds to create a feeling o Metaphor new meaning through juxtaposition images placed next to each other to create meaning o Symbol Structural o Rejection of narrative image or sound track dictates structural Participatory o Interactive or physical exhibitions o Expanded cinema Meshes of the Afternoon Maya Deren Alexander Hammid 1945 Narrative structure murder story metaphor for internal conflict expression self destruction loathing patriarchy freedom and lack of 3 act structure Surrealism Readings 304 306 308 Un Chien Andalou and Entr acte Structural lyricism o Dreamlike intimate filmmakers personal emotion through film Surreal seemingly random meaning of some sort just maybe not for the viewer o Topics not discussed in traditional cinema would not be shown in theatre Scorpio Rising Ritualism Expression of personal exploration Pop culture expressed through music motorcycle rebellion James Dean Critical positions films that overlap with narrative and documentary difficult to figure out purpose engage with viewer to interrogate subject

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