Mizzou JOURN 4000 - Exam 3 Study Guide (14 pages)

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Exam 3 Study Guide

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Exam 3 Study Guide


Study Guide
University of Missouri
Journ 4000 - Communications Law

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JOURN 4000 1nd Edition Exam 3 Study Guide Lectures 24 32 Lecture 24Nancy Kruzan 1990 car accident Persistent vegetative state Too young to have said what she wanted to happen to her Can the father take her to a state that would allow assisted suicide SC said yes MO feeding and hydration tubes can be removed Russian exchange student autoerotic asphyxiation Sychov Anything said in open court right to print Sodomy case in Tribume00 will now not print name of defendant if it will identify the victim Sexual assault reporting Claire McCaskill Ricky Barger working for Louisville Courier Journal Shot at newsroom picture printed Test 1 Highly offensive 2 Legit public concern Newsworthy Barger family sued Kentucky court ruled 2 1 said it s newsworthy SC let it stand Nushawn Williams Spreading HIV Content tracing Privacy Act of 74 5 USC 5529 Right to privacy after US government Protect individuals against government abuse against personal data What kind of files are being kept on you Privacy Act prohibits government from keeping records violating 1 st Amendment Prohibit government agencies from releasing data without written consent Exceptions Federal Freedom of Info Act 1966 88 Amendment matching and privacy act Federalization of records Federal government is telling states how they will keep their records Student records FERPA 20 USC 1232 Post 9 11 Investigation prosecution of terrorism AG of US can ask court for info the school has about you that relates to a prosecution of an act of domestic terrorism Robert Bork video rental records are private Anita Hill Lecture 25 Megan s case Sex offender moved in across the street raped and murdered her Received death sentence Sexual offenders must register with state office that tracks them Megan s law Missourian printed list of sex offenders with addresses ex post facto law law the criminalizes an activity before it was a crime SC sex offender laws are reporting not criminal laws not ex post facto Lack of due process No hearing to

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