UGA TELE 3010 - Media Spaces and Community (2 pages)

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Media Spaces and Community

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Media Spaces and Community


This discusses the Silverstone reading on community and media spaces.

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Tele 3010 - Intro Telecom
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TELE 3010 1nd Edition Lecture 23 Outline of Last Lecture I Fandom II Fans as a Multi plat formed world Outline of Current Lecture I Media Spaces and Community Current Lecture Media spaces are fixed but also porous It s involved on establishing a center everything from where power is located in the household to the world to the margins Media is involved in locating and fixing the boundaries of that like what is normal and what is abnormal HOMES Media are central to the American dream We cross from our engagement into the public world into this private and safe space It offers us familiar content the family and domestic sitcom These mirror for us what family and homes look like Television also brings what is on the outside to you GENDER AND TELEVISION Gender Roles through television day parts Women are all over the morning shows Primetime is for the whole family and late night is for men The time clock for gender performances is targeted specifically for who is home at that time heteronormativity defines what constitutes the family and home Media was seen as dangerous such as in the 1950s there was the comic book scares COMMUNITY It is an imagined claim Newspapers were an important first step in helping people view themselves as communities in nations What are the symbols of communities Flags Sacred texts Chants Songs Religion schools region The symbolic world depends on rituals we share sets of behaviors that perform the symbol For example the ritual of the inauguration is important because of the representation of a new peaceful transition of power To have a community it must be distinguishable There must be boundaries of some sort These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Media do community through expression refraction and critique Refraction is the ways in which media allow for transgression against the community where the boundaries that are set up are crossed Jerry Springer and satire as an example of refraction Critiques media allows for it The Black Press and The Internet ONTOLOGICAL SECURITY The TV is always on It is embedded in the culture of the household This is about the trust we place in media Imagine 9 11 without the media Trust as a commodity it is something institutionalized So how is it a commodity within media Brand recognition for example we see a ton of Tide advertisements so we buy Tide detergent because it will get the dirt out of our clothes better than Arm and Hammer Media delivers trust but it also needs trust News is obvious There are lots of entities competing for the same truths MEMORY How do media participate in public memory we have memorial anniversaries replaying of old shows documentaries revisionist histories etc Done with the technique of realism Django Unchained and 12 Years A Slave are both revisionist histories They revisit the past and tell it F Media allows us to see others and through others we can see ourselves

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