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Sport Management

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Sport Management


Sport Management

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University of Alabama
Kin 300 - Intro to Kinesiology
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KIN 300 Lecture 23 Outline of Last Lecture II Guest Speaker Notes Outline of Current Lecture III Guest Speaker Notes a Sport Management Current Lecture KIN 300 Guest Speaker Notes 11 20 14 Sport Management Dr Vincent Early Life Professional soccer player loved sports growing up Undergraduate degree in banking and finance Senior corporate manager at a bank Came to America to get Sport Management degree and never went back o Loved it so much follow your passion and what you like Sport Management 25 30 students Interning at athletic department o Grant Hillis David Neder Jake Rushing Event management making sure building and venues are up to par for events Marketing and Promotions promoting events making it more exciting selling logos products licensing and merchandising signage Compliance making sure everyone is following the national rules and regulations within the sports realm Athletic Director takes time up to 20 years high paying salary large past experience required work your way up to this job o Where do you want to start www Rolltide com o business office career leadership and development communications etc Foundations develop a long term relationship with wealthy clients to hope for a donation in the future gifts money etc These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Sport Marketing selling inventory Hospitality drinks food gifts etc to better enhance your sports event experience Requirements o 3 0 or higher on a 4 0 scale o GRE testing verbal and quantitative portions combined to be at least a 300 150 on each section o Outside experiences o No pre requisite classes diverse students with diverse majors classes o Sport and Fitness Management concentration hopefully to change into a minor o Dr Dylan Williams assistant professor of Sport Management It s not what you know it s who you know when landing your first job and building a career from there o Building our professional network o Succeeding in the field and growing 20 of the 30 students are interning o Crimson Tide brand is a great name to have for professional success o Collegiate and Professional Sports Jonathan Brach 2014 graduate now working with Denver Broncos Advice must be both occupational and geographically mobile in order to be successful in your career o Example must be able to travel wherever the job takes you Past Experiences build on them he was a coach banker etc Get there early ready to work go getter enthusiastic flexible distinguish yourself from others

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