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History of Democracy Promotion

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History of Democracy Promotion


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Gov 312l - Issues and Policies in American Government
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GOV 312L 1st Edition Lecture 18 Outline of Current Lecture I Introduction II History of democracy promotion III Critique of democratic peace and democracy promotion IV What is a state V Discussion of Micklethwait and Woolridge reading VI What is sovereignty VII Is it ethical to violate the norm of sovereignty VIII Failed states and policy challenges IX Discussion of Mazarr reading X Interview with Jeffrey Spike Current Lecture Democracy Promotion Failed States News Obama will push ahead and implement his policies without congressional approval o immigration reform Democracy promotion A timeline continued Encarnacion reading Wilson s act of promoting democracy was more aimed toward self US based goals These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute o criticizes these democracies as imperial adventure by the US we did this for own economic reasons In Cold War times promoting democracy shift moved towards containment of communism sometimes the US even undermined left wing democracies The end of the Cold War saw a boom in democratic promotion o The manner of communism collapse suggested that spreading democracy goes hand in hand with peace So the US did not now have to choose between democracy and security Clinton promoting democracy in Eastern Europe and Russia will expand the zone of peace Most of this was a failure Bush campaigned against the idea of democracy promotion criticized Clinton and Al Gore for over engaging in Somalia After 9 11 Bush changed his mind now democracy promotion is an imperative that is the US s responsibility Like Bush Obama campaigned for office criticizing democracy promotion Again like Bush Obama s view was changed by external events in the Middle East Against democracy promotion Democratic transition o Long term benefits of peace will be outweighed by short term horrible war Democracy promotion is a post WW1 phenomenon Institutions protect the process not the policy outputs o Democracy protects the process by which people select their leaders Democracy does not protect what policies come out The relationship between democracy peace o The peace is Europe was about the American or Soviet settlement in W Germany not on establishing a democracy in W Germany Rethinking democracy promotion and peace Condoleeza Rice s views in 2000 was right Can t expect peace by just starting democratic reform and letting them free soon after For the country to remain at peace US should extend the effects for a long time o This is the current dilemma in Iraq how much longer should we be there States State o Delaware Iowa are not states because the US nation law takes precedence o State vs nation State as a political organization o Akin to the government o The legitimate authority in the territory Definition from Max Weber o Collection of public officials that hold a monopoly for the legitimate use of violence in a territory State s primary roles o Promote security from external threats o Promote domestic public order o Provide public goods firefighters police etc Why do states exist o Lesser of two evils o Hobbes in Leviathan reading justification State sovereignty provides an escape from the state of nature the natural interaction b w human beings men war with men o States keep order Micklethwait and Woolridge reading The State of the State Should the US government look at East Asia to learn better forms of government o China and Singapore might be more efficient But is it okay to give up democratic freedom to be so More stuff here Sovereignty The acknowledgment and reinforcement of the right of a state to govern within its territory The Treaty of Westphalia 1648 established the norm of state sovereignty The three principles of State Sovereignty o The idea of state sovereignty itself Sovereignty belongs to the state not some individual o Equality of states Both big and small o Non interference Interference and violations by outside actors Is it ethical for outside states to violate state sovereignty principles Case for non interference o Security Violating sovereignty by outside state especially militarily violates security Moral ramifications o Order Undermines internal public order o Reciprocity If you do not want to be intervened then you should not do it to other states Case to intervene and violate state sovereignty o Intervene when a state practices for example genocide It is okay to intervene and stop this harm o If a state mistreats its citizens it loses its right to sovereignty because it fails a basic task So it is okay to intervene Failed states Failure of state def the collapse of state authority to govern its societal groups Challenge Enforcing terms on its population o Example when a deal is made with another state the population of the state should abide the rules of the deal Larger question for US foreign policy If the failure of a state poses a threat to US should US replace these states in a new version of imperialism Security threats posed by failing states Civil wars civil groups form societies for protection because the state cannot provide the protection o May lead to International war WW1 started as civil war in Austro Hungarian empire Destabilizes refugee flows to nearby countries o Millions flee Syria and Iraq towards Turkey and Jordan This stretches the capacity of Jordan s and Turkey s government to provide basic amenities Sanctuary for non state actors o Terrorists o Criminal organizations drug cartels Spread of WMD weapons of mass destruction o Pakistan North Korea Russia in 1990s Humanitarian concerns o Genocide during a civil war o Public health limits the capacity to control diseases like Ebola and AIDS US promote democracy or promote strong states Practically difficult to promote democracy as seen in Iraq o A stable internal government is necessary o We did not invest enough in internal order after Saddam s fall civil war o Failing state created opportunity for ISIS Interview of a person with medical knowledge Moser Is Ebola a pandemic o Interviewee Not right now It can be controlled People and governments are just creating panic What is the extent of US ethical responsibility to intervene in Liberia o Great interest because Ebola has come to US shores o We live in a single planet airports are international o Both reasons own interests and human rights We have most money and advanced healthcare So we should help Is there a framework to

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