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Social Desirability

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Social Desirability


Reviewed Articles surrounding social desirability and Chapter 11

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University of Wisconsin, Madison
Psych 225 - Experimental Psychology

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Psych 225 Lecture 20 Outline of Last Lecture 1 Course Packet pg 157 2 Chapter 11 3 Page and Moss Article Outline of Current Lecture 1 Page and Moss 2 Rojhan Article 3 Social Desirability 4 Chapter 11 Current Lecture Paper Q s include how you obtained participants appendices Page Moss 1975 attitude similarity and attraction the effects of the bogus pipeline past research relation could have been dampened because people weren t giving very negative ratings might not have been honest Byrne s Reinforcement Model These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute similar attitudes positive reinforcement high liking dissimilar attitudes negative reinforcement high disliking positive validating beliefs more in common negative butt heads Empirically asymmetry of similarity attraction relation High similarity high liking High dissimilarity mild disliking Explanations for asymmetry Perhaps P s do not weigh positive and negative reinforcements equally Jones and Sigall generosity effect social desirability impression management asymmetry Male P s interested in extent to which people are in touch with their real feelings Prop of Similar Attitudes 0 100 separation of trials is helpful Prop of similar attitudes Measure Via 0 100 Ratings 3 30b 5 80c EMG Pipeline 2 20a 5 90c ratings turn dial to show how you feel EMG bogus pipeline DV liking single item 1 7 also did DV of work with predict the EMG readings indication of strong liking for similar other but reaction less extreme for dissimilar other RATING CONDITION indication of strong liking of similar other is similar to reaction for disliking of dissimilar other EMG CONDITION more polarized Rojahn Komelasky Man 2008 implicit attitudes and explicit ratings of romantic attraction of college students toward opposite sex peers with disabilities 1 Man et al 2006 undergrad P s reported attraction to those with and without physical

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