UGA TELE 3010 - Fandom Part 2 (2 pages)

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Fandom Part 2

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Fandom Part 2


Continuation of the lecture specifics on Fandom and Fan Communities

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Tele 3010 - Intro Telecom
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TELE 3010 1nd Edition Lecture 22 Outline of Last Lecture I Fandom Outline of Current Lecture I Fandom II Fans as a Multi platformed world Current Lecture Fans As Active Audiences 1 Fandom is more complex that it appears on the surface 2 It is a crucial process and practice for media production It has enormous positive outcomes in terms of profits FANDOM What is Fandom The regular emotionally involved consumption of a given popular narrative or text Fandom as response to the text fascination adoration but also frustration antagonism Fans are active producers and manipulators of meaning Fans present a challenge to control over meanings and ownership in culture who gets to be the author All people who produce these products like George Lucas and Star Wars have control over what is produced The fans are the ones who are the authors of the experience Fandom and Taste Cultures highbrow lowbrow What Fandom can provide from the Trekkies documentary 1 Identity Role Models like popular athletes serving as our role models or Captain Kirk in Star Trek 2 Community Identification with others of a common place of belonging 3 Religious or Transcendent functions people wanting the Star Trek crew to marry them or be there when they die etc 4 Totems 5 Liminality 6 Rebelliousness 7 Power and control These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute 8 Pleasure sexual and non sexual 9 Governance philosophy morals politics etc What about fandom as a cultural practice 1 Similar to other cultural and religious practices 2 The meanings derived are multiple and varied polysemic 3 Attempt to imbue our lives with meaning through signification 4 Pop culture becomes the means through which we related to others including ourselves identity We think about who we are within the text it becomes this means of exchange 5 Means of negotiating and understanding the world Fans in a digital multi platformed world Platforms have increased web phone DVDs comic books video games licensed fiction Seriality telling the stories dispersed across media platforms markets The characters have the opportunity to tell the stories through these platforms TV as something performed TV outside the box New means of engaging with TV content Intensified relationship with hardcore fans Means of drawing in casual audiences fans can build viewership this is why Disney purchases marvel etc Free Labor Fans will market for you If you wanna be cool you ll follow what everyone is doing Fan practices have to be managed that is if you hold the rights with these productions you have to control it But you want to direct fan activity to acceptable uses Example of Elvis Incorporated and Graceland

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