UWEC BIOL 196 - Exam 3 Study Guide (2 pages)

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Exam 3 Study Guide

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Exam 3 Study Guide


Includes answers to the conceptual questions that will be on the third exam.

Study Guide
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Biol 196 - Human Nutrition
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BIOL 196 1st Edition Exam 3 Study Guide Lectures 16 20 Lecture 16 November 4 Describe the typical fuel use by muscles during rest ranges of each fuel 80 90 fat 5 18 carbs depends on when last eaten if you ate a lot of carbs in the past few hours it will be more carbs burned and less fat 2 5 protein Normal range of blood glucose fasting levels prediabetes Diabetes cut of 70 99 mg dL normal If you are under 70 that may be normal for you 100 125 Prediabetes gives you a chance to change your lifestyle 126 Diabetes diagnosis Lecture 17 November 6 How many people in the U S have Diabetes and how many are prediabetic 29 Million people have Diabetes 79 Million are prediabetic Trends in adults and kids 1 of 3 adults will have Diabetes by 2050 The 29 Million Diabetics make up 9 of the U S population and 25 of those are 65 and older In kids the amount of kids with Diabetes is rising too Due to poor lifestyle choices such as diet and lack of exercise What is LADA Latent Autoimmune Diabetes of the Adult Often misdiagnosed usually don t get until their late 30s Initial symptoms people think they have Type 2 but later realize they are unable to produce any insulin Develops more slowly and is a type of Type 1 Lecture 18 November 11 List and describe the causes of high blood sugar in Type 2 Diabetes 1 Insulin resistance Beta cells attack the pancreas and killed the cells that make insulin Pancreas unable to produce insulin 2 Insulin deficiency pancreas cells are partially attacked by beta cells The pancreas is able to make insulin but not enough to lower the blood sugar levels 3 More glucagon being released from the liver the liver is being told incorrectly to dump glucagon into the blood What does excess fat have to do with this Visceral fat causes inflammation by organs which increases the risk for Diabetes Peripheral fat is right under the skin and does not increase the risk for Diabetes Lecture 19 November 13 List the symptoms of Diabetes and what causes these symptoms Intense thirst and increased urination body has to pee to get rid of the excess glucose Hunger Type 1 Body is breaking down because unable to absorb nutrients so the body thinks it is in starvation mode making the person hungry Blurred vision blood vessels in eye are getting damaged due to the high sugars in the blood Fatigue due to lack of glycogen in muscles and due to dehydration because urinating too much Acetone breath Type 1 produced from the ketones Pins and needles sensations Loss of feeling nerves are affected by the excess glucose in the blood Leads to more infections and burns because the person does not realize what they are touching is hot etc slower reaction time Lecture 20 November 18 What factors lead to the development of Diabetes in the Pima Indians in Arizona The Pima Indians were forced onto a reservation Settlers came and caused the river to go dry The Pima Indians relied on the river to grow their vegetable crops They went into starvation and the U S government sent food that was unhealthy The unhealthy food lead to unhealthy eating habits which caused weight gain etc List the diferences in the lifestyles between the Arizona Pima Indians and those of Sonora Mexico The Arizona Pima Indians consumed refined grains and high fat content foods They also do less physical labor The Sonora Pima Indians grow their crops which means their diet is mostly made up of vegetables They work many physical hours each day Their physical activity and diet keeps their weight at an acceptable weight They weigh on average 40 lbs less than the Arizona Pima Indians which can only be attributed to their diet and physical activity

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