TAMU ENTO 208 - Tick-borne Diseases (cont.) (3 pages)

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Tick-borne Diseases (cont.)

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Tick-borne Diseases (cont.)


Continuation of the tick-borne diseases of veterinary importance

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Texas A&M University
Ento 208 - Veterinary Entomology
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ENTO 208 1st Edition Lecture 20 Outline of Lecture 19 Tick borne diseases I Tick behavior II Tick Ecology III Tick Phenology IV Direct impact a Tick paralysis b Allergies c Lyme disease V Life Cycle a Rocky Mountain spotted fever b Babesiosis Outline of Lecture 20 Tick borne diseases I Equine Piroplasmosis II Relapsing Fever III IV V VI African Swine Fever Ehrilichiosis rickettsia Anaplasmosis granulocytic anaplasmosis Tick Tick borne disease control Current Lecture Tick borne diseases Equine Piroplasmosis Agent Thelieria equi Babesia caballi Vectored by Dermacentor variablilis Amblyomma cajennense Rhipicephalus microplus Symptoms fever reduced aappetite anemia chronic lifetime infection w T equi B caballi is cleared by the immune system Disease free countries Australia Great Britain Japan US Canada Restriction of trade horses must be screened when entering countries King Ranch Texas out break Major outbreak hundreds of horses quarantined These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Klerberg county is still high risk mandatory testing Brooks county now high risk as well Relapsing Fever Agent Borrelia turnicatae spirochete Hosts humans Vectored by Argasidae Majority of cases in Texas a few in FL and CA Symptoms recurring febrile episodes headache chills anemia facial paralysis Animal hostsopher tortoise otherburrowing animals as well as those that live in caves African Swine Fever Agent icosahedral DNA virus Family Iridoviridae Host Domestic feral pigs european wild boar and warthogs Vectored by Ornithodors spp Symptoms fever hemorrhages body temperature will drops loss of appetite death within a few days of infection Potential concern of the spread of ASF in N America Ehrilichiosis rickettsia Human type Agent Ehrlichia chaffeensis and E ewingii Vectored by lonestar tick Syptoms fever rash joint pain Canine type Agent Ehrlichia canis Vectored by Rhipicephalus sanguines Symptoms conjuctivitis swelling of tissues Most cases for both are in the Eastern half of the US No antibiotics for this type of cell Anaplasmosis granulocytic anaplasmosis Agent anaplasma phagocytophilum humans dogs cats horses A marginale cattle A centrale cattle A ovis sheep Vectored by Ixodes spp Tabinae mechanical transmission D andersoni D occidentalis D variabilis Symptoms lameness joint pain fever lethargy anemia immunosuppression in livestock Main distributin is in Minosota and the upper northeast maine Tick Tick borne disease control Personal protection DEET repellant Light colored clothing Reduce risky behavior Socks around pant legs Check regularly for ticks remove quickly Environmental Reduction Habitat modificatoin Burning clearing of vegetation Host Removal Trapping rodents and other hosts Rotational grazing reduce population density per paddock Acaricides pesticides to kill ticks and mites DDT Diazinon cabaryl formamidnes Pyrethroids is the safest and most effective Passive treatment of wildlife Treatment of livestock Spraying and dipping of animals Spraying of evironment fences shelters Host Removal Acaricide application to companion animals Vaccination reduce susceptibility to disease agents reduce overall transmission

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