Mizzou PSYCH 2310 - Conflict and Cooperation (2 pages)

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Conflict and Cooperation

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Conflict and Cooperation


What creates conflict and how can we solve it

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Psych 2310 - Social Psychology
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Psych 2310 1st Edition Lecture 20 Outline of Last Lecture I What is helping II Theories to explain why we help III Helping research Outline of Current Lecture I Conflict II Social dilemmas III Cooperation Current Lecture I II Conflict involves perceived incompatibility of actions or goals a Zero sum game More for me less for you b What creates conflict i True incompatibility actual zero sum ii Misperception 1 Mirror image effect People think the same negative things about that their enemies that they think about them iii Simplistic thinking iv Social dilemmas Social dilemmas a Goals only partially conflict non zero sum games b We can all do well if we cooperate c Prisoner s Dilemma Each person arrested has the choice whether to say they are both guilty or neither are guilty These are the outcomes i Both are guilty lighter sentence for both than if they are accused of being guilty These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute III ii One says they are guilty one says they aren t One has a long sentence the other gets out free iii Both say they aren t guilty Both very light sentence iv Better off if they cooperate but if they are selfish they could help themselves d Everyone is doing it i If I don t do it I will be at a disadvantage ii Steroids and baseball e Why do we act selfish i Fear ii Greed f Tragedy of the commons i Some keep taking more resources than allotted to them until the common resource disappears 1 Ex trees 2 Allman s experiment He asked people to either ask for 20 or 100 dollars If less than 20 percent asked for 100 he would actually pay This did not happen because people are greedy ii Take some dilemmas People take more than they should iii Give some games People don t give enough to a common resource Cooperation a How to induce i Be nice at first ii Punish if necessary iii Forgive when opponents repent iv Use authority to make rules v Be open and honest vi Make sure people can be punished vii Make cooperation more profitable viii Appeal to altruistic norms ix Create a group identity 1 Common threats 2 Same goals 3 Cooperative learning b Cooperation is better for human survival

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