ISU PSY 110 - Exam 4 Study Guide (10 pages)

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Exam 4 Study Guide

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Exam 4 Study Guide


Study Guide
Illinois State University
Psy 110 - Fundamentals of Psychology

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PSY 110 1st Edition Exam 4 Study Guide Lectures 17 21 Lecture 17 November 3 What is personality Characteristic patterns of behaving thinking and feeling What is psychoanalysis A theory and therapy that focuses on unconscious processes What are Freud s three levels of consciousness Conscious What we are aware of at any given moment thoughts feelings sensations or memories Preconscious Memories we are not aware of but can easily bring to mind Unconscious Repressed memories instincts wishes desires have never been conscious What are the id ego and superego Id Contains life and death instincts and operates according to the pleasure principle Ego The logical rational part of personality and operates according to the reality principle Superego Moral system of personality and consists of conscience and ego ideal What is a defense mechanism It is used by the ego to maintain self esteem and defend against anxiety created by conflict between the id and superego What are Freud s psychosexual stages of development 1 2 3 4 5 Oral Stage From birth to 1 year conflict is weaning Anal Stage From 1 to 3 years conflict is toilet training Phallic Stage From 3 to 5 or 6 years conflict is Oedipus Electra Complex Latency Stage From 5 or 6 years to puberty period of sexual calm Genital Stage From puberty and beyond revival of sexual interests Who are the Neo Freudians Carl Jung Alfred Adler and Karen Horney What was Carl Jung known for What are archetypes What is the collective unconscious Carl Jung was known for the concept of archetypes and the collective unconscious Archetypes are inherited tendencies to respond to universal human situations The collective unconscious is the most inaccessible layer of the unconscious shared by all people and it contains the universal experiences of humankind as well as archetypes What was Alfred Adler s theory He believed in individual psychology which is the theory that the drive to overcome feelings of inferiority motivates most human behavior What is

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