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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


Study Guide
University of Alabama
Mkt 473 - Marketing Research
Marketing Research Documents

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MKT437 Exam 3 Chapter 12 Good Questions Important Criteria o Does it provide the necessary decision making information o Always get client approval o Consider the respondent consider the setting Use the right terminology language Survey can be taken by the people I want to take it o Must Pretest o Incentives o Editing coding data entry and data analysis o Introduction flow o Skip patterns screening qualifiers branching Branching might skip around to another question if you answer no o Piping Insert something from pervious question to another question Advantages Disadvantages of open ended questions o Advantages Probing to gain information don t have to have a definite list o Disadvantages Editing coding What are the different types of questions to ask o Multiple choice Closed ended questions Need a mutually exclusive and exhaustive list Make sure all important categories are present Include don t know if relevant The more choices you have the larger the issue o Dichotomous Closed ended questions that ask the respondent to choose between two answers o Scaled response questions Closed ended questions where the respondent is choosing an answer to capture the intensity o Open ended Questions to which the respondent replies in his or her own words o Closed ended Questions that require the respondent to choose from a list Questionnaire flow Layout o Use screening questions to Identify Qualified Respondents o Begin with a question that gets the respondent s interest o o o o o o o Costs o Ask general questions first Ask questions that require work in the middle Insert Prompters at strategic points Position sensitive threatening and demographic questions at the end Put instructions in capital letters and include space for open ended questions Consider attention filters Use a proper introduction closing Incidence rates People who would qualify for the survey o Response rates How many people responded to the survey o Premature termination People end the survey early Skip Logic

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