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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


1970s, 1980s, 1990s,

Study Guide
University of Colorado at Boulder
Thtr 3011 - Development of the American Musical Theatre
Development of the American Musical Theatre Documents
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THTR 3011 1st Edition Final Exam Study Guide 1970s What s going on Vietnam War ongoing 1970 Kent State Incident large social media incident and protest at Kent State in protest of stuff going on in Cambodia 100 shots fired 4 killed and many injured 1972 Watergate Nixon Scandal Watergate was were the National Democratic Convention was located has spies break in to pull video and gets caught Not trust w in government 1972 70 000 troops pulled from Vietnam 1972 Equal Rights Amendment outlaws any discrimination based on sex 1973 Vietnam cease fire signed 1973 Roe vs Wade allowed women the right to women to have an abortion Mid 1970s Recession unemployment up 1970s NYC and Broadway hit hard by the recession 1970s Musicals Company 1970 Jesus Christ Superstar 1971 Pippin 1972 The Rocky Horror Show 1973 A chorus Line 1975 Godspell 1976 Telling of the story of Jesus Annie 1977 Sweeny Todd 1979 Metatheatre it is outside of theatre but references and comments on theatre Ex Hamlet when they play is put on of the King killing his brother which is performed in front of the King himself as a way to comment on something In the 1970s there is a lot more playing around with musicals seeing what is working and what is not Chicago Premiere 1975 Music John Kander Lyrics Fred Ebb Book Fred Ebb and Bob Fosse Choreography Bob Fosse intricate nature seems simply but yet is complex and entertaining All That Jazz Both Reached For The Gun showstopper Cell Block Tango We see characters develop through choreography and lyrics this is one way that the story line is developed throughout the performance Ukraine ballerina is the only innocent prisoner who is hung What is this musical speaking about massive distrust in government and politics and those in authority the facts don t matter all about public opinion brings attention to how all information is mediated by society social media humorous look into our justice system obsession with fame and corruption Stephen Sondheim Born in 1930 NYC Parents divorced Winner of 8 Tony s Awards more than any other composer Won academy Award and 1985 Pulitzer Prize for Drama for Sunday in the Park with George Mentored by Oscar Hammerstein II Music training at early age Style sometimes criticized for not being humble enough Works often portray darker side of humanity complex characters fatal flaw Big proponent of concept musical Music dictates the intention emotions of the characters this drives the themes Lyrics drive to story Major Works 1 West Side Story 1957 lyricist 2 Gypsy 1962 lyricist 3 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum 1962 4 Company 1970 5 Sweeny Todd 6 Into The Woods 7 Sunday In The Park Sweeny Todd Loosely based on a Serial killer in London potentially killed over 150 people before he was caught Melodrama epitome of evil no good qualities cautionary be careful on the streets Christopher Bond turned it into a play basis of version we saw When it was written he wrote it in a way to be a chamber musical rather than a lavish set Hal Prince was not interested in joining with Sondheim but once he looked at it and talked it over with Sondheim he changed his mind Elaborate set pieces from an actual industrial factory COGS used as a way to dehumanize people Sweeny Todd completely stripped of all humanity just looking at his appearance Prologue The Ballad of Sweeny Todd The chorus is used in a way to introduce the characters for the play all who are a part of Sweeny Todd s demise The characters in this scene are not portraying there characters they are portraying something else What is that something else setting up this cautionary story setting up the themes of the play Themes of Sweeny Todd Love Lost Revenge Self destruction What is Justice Deception Man Devouring Man 1 Love Lost 2 Revenge Sweeny Todd taking revenge on all those who are bad avenge what was done to him 15 years prior a charity for the world killing who he can to rid the world of bad people 3 Self Destruction 4 What is Justice 5 Deception Barber is a killer pies are made from human flesh half of the characters have an alias multiple names multiple characters played by one actor a Anthony Hair Person b Benjamin Barker Sweeny Todd c Bandwagon Hair Man Benjamin Barker s assistant 6 Man Devouring Man Pies contain human flesh there is the literal act of man eating devouring man everyone is working on their own self interest dog eat dog world out there everyone is doing it so you can t avoid it You need to jump on the bandwagon of get lost and left behind Priest Lovett and Todd singing about becoming a team and making meat a k a flesh pies together What was Sondheim saying about the time you cannot trust anyone everyone is corrupt everyone will do anything for love it s a dog eat dog world you must do what you can to get what you want Group Think convince people to think one thing or another even if it is bad and people are getting benefits from it then people are going to think it is okay Class involved kills the high and mighty and serves it to the lowly poor people of society But then reversed this idea to not discriminate anyone kill all there is no reconciliation for anyone There is no hierarchical idea everyone deserves to die because we are all corrupt The 1980 s What s Happening 1979 estimated that 75 000 people participated in National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights New Right established many frustrated by government s influence new line of conservative thinking as little government interaction as possible Ronald Regan is elected in 1980 Reaganomics becomes extremely popular his economic thinking and philosophies Major recession in early 80s economic steadily improves through the 80s 1981 MTV is launched 1982 Wisconsin becomes 1st state to outlaw discrimination on basis of sexual orientation 1985 Mikhail Gorbachev elected in Russia helps end cold war 1986 Space shuttle Challenger disintegrates 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill 1989 Berlin Wall comes down British Invasion Huge spectacle also known as the Mega Musical Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber hugely responsible for the idea of mega musical Joseph 1968 Jesus Christ Super Star 1970 Evita 1976 Cats 1981 its about Cats based off poetry by T S Elliot The Phantom of the Opera 1986 Tim Rice lyricist for most famous works He borderline plagiarizes some of his music religious stories although not very religious very power musical that stimulates emotion visceral Sir Cameron Mackintosh BIG producer of the time Cats Les Miserables The Phantom

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