CU-Boulder FILM 1502 - Introducing Experimental Cinema (2 pages)

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Introducing Experimental Cinema

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Introducing Experimental Cinema


Characteristics of experimental film

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University of Colorado at Boulder
Film 1502 - Introduction to Film Studies
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FILM 1502 1st Edition Lecture 22 Outline of Last Lecture I Why are documentaries important and how do they relate to our role as media consumers II How can documentary serve to facilitate discussions of otherwise neglected topics III Discussion In looking at Grizzly Man is there room for us to critically engage with the larger themes of personal truth Outline of Current Lecture I What is Experimental Film and how has it changed over time Is it inherently political II What is the difference between formal experimentation and experimental narratives III How does surrealism branch formal experimentalism and the cinema avant garde Current Lecture Introducing Experimental Cinema 11 18 Experimental Film The Heart of the World Experimentation o Structural playing with narrative structure order of events vs material playing with physical apparatus of film o Interested in medium of film itself as a topic Cinema avant garde front line pushing boundaries of cinema form thinking about general purpose of experimental film o What is cinema how define and how to expand this o Can revert to some pre cinematic structure Early History Realism and dreams Dadaism and German cinema expressionism o Fantastical environments expressing emotions and ideas Impressionism and French Cinema Man with a Movie Camera o Experimentation and the mainstream still frame bringing frame to life not so radical anymore avant garde push further o Process of editing see the act of filming taking place city symphony film o Camera and world relationship camera can capture a representation of reality These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Europe and the US western Europe to the US o Meshes of the Afternoon o Stan Brakhage major asset in this department materialistic experimentation interesting in actual physicality of film Underground Film Counter Culture Ideology and Commercialism o Movement about anti consumerism being used by consumerists M Admen advertisings affect on this time period The European New Wave o Extreme but mainstream experimental o La Jet e Archaic still framing Post 1968 Africa Latin America third cinema informational politically engaged films to help communities navigate political shifts forcing development o Street of Crocodiles Form of stop motion MTV and Tool How to watch an Experimental Film What do you see What strikes you How you feel

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