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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


Study guide for exam four lectures 16-21 on alcoholism, treatment, antipsychotics, schizophrenia, marijuana

Study Guide
University of Texas at Arlington
Psyc 3303 - Drugs and Behavior
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PSYC 3303 1nd Edition Exam 4 Study Guide Lectures 16 21 Lecture 16 October 28th Marijuana In what two states can you use Marijuana recreationally Marijuana Is a synonym for Do most Americans today favor legalization of it Colorado Washington Synonym Cannabis Most Americans today favor legalization 52 for 45 against What are the acute effects of marijuana use What are some inconsistent reactions Are marijuana related hospital emergency visits rising Why Acute Effects Absorption is rapid seconds Peak effects around 10 min Effects last around 2 hrs Excretion slow half life 50 hrs Physiological effects i Increased heart rate 160 beats per minute ii Dilation in vessels in eyes redness about 1 hr after smoking iii Increase decrease no change in blood pressure depending on whether users is standing laying down etc iv Dry mouth OD potential safest drug 20000 40000 times effective dose Reaction times do not change No alteration of basic functions e g respiration because receptors cb2 it acts on are not in brain stem Impacts ability to concentrate High doses alters memory function Inconsistent reactions Makes you hungry suppresses it Enhanced sexual responses sexual depressant seems due to THC concentration Lowdose enhance high dose depress testosterone levels Hospital emergency visits are rising due to increased THC concentration and more users It is the second highest category of drug related visits after cocaine What are the psychological behavioral effects the marijuana high Feeling of euphoria well being Increased awareness sensitivity sight sound Everything seems funny Feel sleepy like time passes slower When combined with alcohol high doses produces sleeping effects Difficulty attending to peripheral info driving is impaired but not because of reaction 3 to 7 times more likely to be involved in car accident What are the effects in the brain What is the natural substance that activates the same receptors Where are the receptors located Special receptors in areas for short term memory and motor control stimulated by THC Natural substance Anandamide Stimulates nucleus in accumbens in rats like heroin cocaine nicotine but weaker Receptors located in limbic system Facts What is the primary active ingredient What is Hashish Plant name What is the concentration of THC today Washington was connected to using What are the different ways to smoke it Can it be detected in the body after 1 week Is it possible to result positive by second hand smoke Primary active ingredient is THC Most in bud some in plant none in stalk Processed Hashish higher THC Plant name Cannabis sativa Hash oil flows THC content i In the past 1 8 in Marijuana ii Now lot more potent 15 20 iii Oil 40 50 Washington was connected to hemp used for clothes rope etc Usually inhaled fastest way to get it to brain Ways to smoke i Joint ii Pipe iii Water pipe better fluid filters it iv Can eat it in butter v Usually not I V Can detect in body after 1 week So could result Under influence but actually just detectable not high Considered performance enhancing Possible to result positive from second hand smoke but takes a lot Definitions Marijuana Hashish Hashish oil Hashish oil crystals Bhang Reefer Amotivational syndrome Gateway hypothesis Dronabinol Nabilone Decriminalization Answers Marijuana Most commonly available psychoactive drug from cannabis 1 6 concentration Hashish Containing resin of cannabis flowers 8 16 concentration Hashish oil From boiling hashish potent 15 60 concentration Hashish oil crystals solid form of hashish oil Bhang Liquid form of marijuana Reefer joint Marijuana cigarette Amotivational syndrome generalized apathy and indifference to long range plans Gateway hypothesis Abuse of specific drugs leads to abuse other more potent ones Dronabinol Prescription drug containing THC brand name Marinol Nabilone same as above Brand name Cesamet Decriminalization policy of making possession of small amounts of a drug subject to small fine not criminal prosecution What are some Chronic Effects What is peculiar about tolerance in marijuana use Why What are some sings of dependence What are some withdrawal symptoms What are some long term effects Tolerance effects Increase as dose increase Peculiarity experienced marijuana smokers become intoxicated more quickly reverse tolerance greater sensitivity because know technique to achieve high Dependence some signs of physical anxiety depression etc Psyc dependence can occur craving use even if know it s bad becoming part of lifestyle Withdrawal feelings of irritability stomach pain anxiety loss of appetite Long term effects Amotivational syndrome Studies show kids who use it more likely to have problems academically We cannot conclude that it is the cause Gateway Hypothesis Association who takes marijuana likely to take other drugs vs causation take other drugs because first used marijuana socioculturally based not because of marijuana exposure itself What is the Toxicity Potential Maybe only 1 human death none reported Increased heart rate but not major issue Panic reactions Lung probs carcinogenic if vaporize pill better Reproductive effects Decreased testosterone slower sperm Suppressed immune function usually sicker more colds flu etc but mortality rates not increased No synergetic activity Upper respiratory probs Lecture 17 October 30th Marijuana Cont Alcohol What are some medical uses for marijuana What is the better form for relief How many states have approved the use for med reasons How many Americans are in favor of marijuana for med use purposes Brand Name Marinol Glaucoma THC decreases intraocular pressure Asthma oral admin bronco dilation Nausea caused by chemo Relief from Chronic pain muscle spasticity caused by MS Better form is smoking for relief 18 states have authorized it for pain relief 77 of americans are in favor of marijuana use for med purposes Alcohol Review page 193 Table 8 1 What is fermentation Brewing Distillation Give alcohol percentages Is it legal to make own beer in US Why is Everlast so dangerous Fermentation glucose converted to ethyl alcohol carbon dioxide naturally occurs Brewing process of fermenting grains 12 alcohol beer Distillation increase alcohol content 45 alcohol content boil and collect alcohol vapor liquor The Well Spring of Life Brandy Fermented liquid is boiled then cooled 100 alcohol very expensive special distilling In US legal to make own beer Everlast very dangerous OD potential 1 shot 30 beers How where is it absorbed It is

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