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How to make ethical decisions in journalism

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Journ 2100 - News
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Journ 2100 1st Edition Lecture 11 Outline of Last Lecture i Investigative reporting ii Tips iii Power of public records iv Examples v Beat reporters Outline of Current Lecture I Real life situation 1 II Poynter Guidelines III Real life situation 2 Current Lecture I Real life situation a Profile of a guy in Dallas who is homeless and has a record He is now up and coming He is an activist for homeless He has a podcast i Reporter asks him about his background 1 He says he spent time in jail 2 Arrested for breaking into cars after Hurricane Katrina ii What should reporter do 1 Background research on police records 2 Check if he was actually homeless iii Find out he is on lifetime sexual offender registry and is in violation of his requirements iv Problems 1 Does this affect his credibility 2 The girls privacy These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute II III 3 Public s right to know 4 Your credibility v What should you do 1 Your work isn t done Go back and ask him about sex offender registry and get his side of the story 2 He says when he was 21 he had a consensual relationship with 13 year old cousin and her mom pressed charges and the girl did not want to He says he violated terms because he didn t know he was outside city limits of Dallas 3 No clear solution Come to a decision you can defend Poynter Guidelines a Also found on SPJ b There is no Hippocratic oath for journalism c Ten questions to help people make these decisions d Five we are discussing i What is your journalistic purpose 1 It can change throughout the story ii What do I know and what do I need to know 1 Do more reporting 2 Don t back away iii Who are the stakeholders 1 What are the consequences for them iv What are my alternatives 1 Where do you place the information in the story 2 How big are you running a picture Placement 3 Changing how you frame the story v Who can you consult in your thinking 1 Don t make these decisions alone 2 What are the newsroom policies Real life situation 2 a Featuring a Christian gym b Guy running it is a born again Christian i He asks her if she is stressed ii She tells him about her problems iii He asks her about her faith She is a Christian so he wants to pray with her c Newsroom gets mad that she prayed with him d Should she have done it

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