CSU AM 101 - Exam 4 Study Guide (6 pages)

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Exam 4 Study Guide

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Exam 4 Study Guide


Chapter 12-15

Study Guide
Colorado State University- Fort Collins
Am 101 - Fashion Industries
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AM 101 4th Edition Exam 4 Study Chapters 12 15 What are the three types of garments Utilitarian which is for warmth foundation garments that are shaped and supported by the body and at home wear which is things you wear in private Who opened the first corset factory and where Warner Brothers in Bridgeport Connecticut What happened in the 1920 s There was a change in silhouette that went from straight to a loose style Women were considered equal to men for the first time and were able to vote Women wanted to look like men and adopt the straight figure What happened in the 1930 s and 1940 s There was a curvy silhouette Two way stretch knitting machines became popular Stuff molded to the body but allowed movement What fabric was invented in the 30 s and 40 s and why was it important Rayon because it was mass produced for intimates and loungewear and it was also less expensive and more practical than cotton What was created in the 1940 s The padded bra What did the feminist movement do Rejected the wearing of bras What did Sara Lee introduce in 1994 The wonder bra which was a push up bra What other kinds of bras were also introduced about this same time period Training bras sports bras and nursing bras What was the name shapewear brand talked about in class by Sarah Blakely SPANX What kind of material is introduced in the 1950 s Nylon What is the name of the lingerie mentioned in class Laperia What is the name of the sock company mentioned in class Smartwool Give some details mentioned in class about Smartwool It was started in Steamboat Springs and he then sold the company to Vanity Fair and the companies owners name is Peter Glenn Which country is the number one producer of high end shoes Italy Where are the most shoes imported from China What is a last Wooden or plastic model of foot to build the shoe What makes Christian Louis Viton different from all the other shoes designers All of the shoe bottoms are red What are some mens casual shoe names Timerland Rockport and Sperry Which accessory is the best selling in the industry Handbags What is the story of Coach Founded in 1941 which started as a small factory business and there was 6 leather workers they began making wallets first in 1946 Miles and Lillian Kahn joined with leather crafting experience Kahn created a process to make leather stronger more flexible and colored with dye Lillian suggested to make womens hand bags and then they brought in a designer named Bonnie Cashin How are gloves sized According to waist measurement What was the name of the British hat designer mentioned in class Phillip Tracey Which company is the largest manufacturer of mens scarves Echo What are the two most common styles of neckties Four in hand and bow tie What is the name of the sunglass brand mentioned in class ZEAL Optics To cover up her small pox Queen Elizabeth wore lots of what White make up How did Chanels perfume get its name She had a superstition belief in the number 5 What did Max Factor create The mascara wand and pancake makeup Give the story of Estee Lauder In 1946 with four skin care products and then turned her business over to her son and her children and grandchildren still run the business What did Evelyn Lauder do She began the think pink campaign for breast cancer What are some trends that people are noticing People are spending more time at home and also spending more money on home decorating than personal wardrobes baby boomers are the primary market What was the home furnishing store mentioned in class ABC Carpet and Home What is Wesco A textile market that brings in textiles from all around the world and they are to trade only What is her company called and what she do Vivodec it is a social enterprise that hopes to assits mayan weavers living in the highlands of Guatemala and help them earn a sustainable income and allow them to continue their tradtions they use backstrap looms and co design with color trends and create contemporary products

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