IUB TEL-T 205 - The One With The Tipping Point (3 pages)

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The One With The Tipping Point

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The One With The Tipping Point


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Indiana University, Bloomington
Tel-T 205 - Intro to Media & Society
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TEL T 2 5 1st Edition Lecture 16 The One with the Tipping Point Race and the Media 1 The Big Questions a Are the media biased i Interrace comparison in the media not the main issue ii Relative to real life is a media issue 1 Systematic biased is how minorities are illustrated b Is the audience affected i How does it influence consumers 2 Question 1 Media Bias a Headcounts proportional to reality i Whites are overrepresented ii Blacks are proportionally represented iii Other minorities are underrepresented dramatically b Types of Depictions i Personality types occupations activities ii Stereotypes that may form iii Variety of depictions 1 Far more within group variability rather than between group variability in the real world 2 In media whites have a lot of sub types represented a For minorities not many subtypes represented intelligence motivation criminal 3 Who s watching a Significant amount of audience segregation within race b Different races watch different programs based on their race and the race of the characters they are watching c Why segmentation is occurring These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute i The shows being segmented are actually very similar only difference it s the color of the cast ii Is it necessary 1 EX Preacher s Wife 1996 with Denzel Washington and Whitney Houston bombed a Industries conclusion was that the movie was too black lesson reinforced 2 EX Set it off all black cast with Queen Latiffa a Low budget and low marketing budget b Did well with the African American audience and made money by grabbing some of the white audience i Lesson do not pitch black cast to a white audience and keep black movies low budget so they can profit iii Argument that there is white washing of the casts of new movies 1 Ex 21 based on a true story and book however the students and professor in real life were Asian a Did not think people would come to see Asians not doing martial arts 2 Industry really looks at race when casting roles a EX Hitch after casting Will Smith as the lead male role they couldn t have a lead role that was too black or too white picked a woman in the middle iv Research shows that whites were more likely to watch movie with white cast than the same movie with a black cast 1 30 racial tipping point 2 Keep minority representation under 30 and whites are content 3 HOWEVER only thing the race of the cast effected was the perception for who the movie was for a Not an effect of racism it is an effect of marketing b Ever since 1996 marketing segmentation has effected what certain races think is made for them c We have learned that black casted movies are not made for white audiences v As long as we have audience segregation the variability of different races is even more extreme 4 Question 2 What is the effect a Humans categorize out of necessity i It works pretty well with some side effects 1 Person perception immediately categorized 2 Racial categorization tool is color of skin we do not start from scratch 3 Then we use what we think is relevant salient and useful b We encounter people through media i We use that media to gain information ii Use more when we have less encounters with certain groups iii Effect is strongest on whites because they have less connection with outside groups making the media effect stronger c Case studies all in the family i Dynamic between older generation during civil rights out of touch ideas ii Was a comedy that made fun of the older generation

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