UWEC BIOL 196 - Diabetes Symptoms, Treatments (2 pages)

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Diabetes Symptoms, Treatments

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Diabetes Symptoms, Treatments


Symptoms continued from previous lecture, start of treatment options

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Biol 196 - Human Nutrition
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BIOL 196 1st Edition Lecture 19 Outline of Last Lecture I Type 1 II Type 2 III Pima Indians IV Symptoms Outline of Current Lecture I Pima Indians II Symptoms of Diabetes continued from prior lecture III Diabetes complications IV Treatment Current Lecture I II Pima Indians a Came to this continent 2000 years ago i They were healthy until 1868 when forced to live on reservation and they had no water settlers came and river went dry ii Unhealthy food came from government Symptoms of Diabetes continued from prior lecture a Glucosuria i Glucose in the urine NOT NORMAL ii In untreated Diabetes b Acetone breath i Produced from one of the ketones 1 Usually Type 1 c Dehydration d High blood sugar i Hyperglycemia e Ketosis type 1 can lead to a coma f Coma in Type 2 but often from dehydration These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute III IV g Pins and needles sensations h Loss of feelings in toes fingers etc i Can easily burn themselves without knowing it at first 1 Infections occur more easily ii If controlled most can be kept at a minimum but most Americans don t have it under control Diabetes complications a Heart disease 2 4 times more often damaged vessels b Stroke 2 4 times more likely damaged vessels c Hypertension 67 of all diabetics i High blood pressure d Blindness leading cause of blindness in U S 12k 24k new cases a year in the U S e Kidney disease failure leading cause f Nerve damage affects 60 70 g Amputations 60 of non traumatic cases leading cause h Pregnancy complications birth defects i Dental disease periodontal disease lose your teeth because it affects bones that hold your teeth in j More severe effects from diseases flu pneumonia k Increase in infections EX UTI thrush fungal bacterial parasitic etc l Foot problems anything from ulcers to joint problems where they can t even walk m Cancer risk increases compared to people of same age who are not diabetic Treatment a Better control good medication education lower risk of complications b Type 1 best results from 3 5 insulin injections day instead of 1 i Drastically reduced complications ii Not entered into Blood that d cause crash it s in fatty tissues to be absorbed c New option inhaled fast acting insulin to be used with long acting injection i But lot of unknowns like affect on lungs

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