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Voting turnout

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Voting turnout


Information about voter turnout

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Pols 110 - American National Politics
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POLS 110 1st Edition Lecture 18 Outline of Last Lecture I Political participation engaging individuals shaping politics II Elections in the United States III The act of voting IV Running for office the choice to run V The nature of campaigns today VI Regulating federal campaign contributions VII Presidential campaigns VIII Who votes Factors in voter participation IX How voters decide X Why some people do not vote Outline of Current Lecture I Voting Ballots II Turnout III More turnout information IV Causes of low turnout V Consequences of low turnout Current Lecture I Voting Ballots a Until 1888 virtually all states had public ballots These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute II III IV b The Australian Ballot was a Progressive era reform c The party check off is a way to discourage split ticket voting Turnout a Still significant debate about how we actually calculate turnout i Number of ballots counted divided by number of eligible voters 1 number of eligible voters is a number based on the last census b Turnout after WWII peaked in 1960 and never really recovered 64 c In 1996 turnout hit a 70 year low of 48 3 d In 2000 52 e 2004 54 f 2008 56 g 2012 55 h Turnout in Congressional elections is even lower 30 40 i Pre 1890 voter turnout is no way accurate because population not known before then i For states with governor s race during presidential race Congressional elections even lower j 1990 2012 compared to the average of other countries i Italy 88 ii Spain 87 iii Germany 78 iv U K 69 v U S 52 vi Scandinavian countries over 95 More turnout information a Turnout in state and local is often dismally low i Many school board elections have average turnouts in the single digit range ii Recent Eau Claire races have been below 10 b Turnout among younger voters i The group with the worst turnout performance over time is voters between 18 24 years of age ii Problem

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