Important People

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Important People

Important people, sports and their influences and the Brown vs. Board of Education

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Indiana University, Bloomington
Aaad-A 150 - Surv Cultr of Black Americans

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AAAD 150 1nd Edition Lecture 16 Outline of Last Lecture I. Didn’t have class Outline of Current Lecture II. Important People III. Brown vs. Board of Education IV. High influence of sports Current Lecture I. Important People Dory Miller  Servant, never fired a gun  USS Virginia o Rose to the deck and shot down 5 enemy planes o Helped captain to safety  Seen as a symbol/hero  Awarded US Navy Cross  Began to break down racial discrimination Tuskegee Air Force  Air fighters based in Tuskegee institute  Trained well  3000 missions in the war o Won 300 medals  Blacks were seen as people who could do equal abilities as any other person A. Philip Randolph  Planned to put pressure on Roosevelt to create equal employment in the defense industries because they were being hired based on race  If Roosevelt didn’t comply, Randolph threatened with a 100,000 people march o Roosevelt didn’t want this march with everything else going on at the time  Led to the Executive Order 8802 These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor’s lecture. GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes, not as a substitute.

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