Polyatomic Ions


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Polyatomic Ions You need to memorize the following information a You should be able to write the formula including the charge which is the superscript of all of the following polyatomic ions if given the name o When there are two of the same kind of polyatomic ions in a formula the polyatomic ion is put in parentheses and the subscript outside of the parentheses tells you how many polyatomic ions there are o There is one hydroxide ion in NaOH and there are two hydroxide ions in Ca OH 2 a You should also be able to write the name of any of the polyatomic ions if the formula is given the formula will include the charge if the polyatomic ion is alone The charge is NOT included in the formula of a compound because the entire compound is neutral a You also need to memorize the formulas of the molecules below that are ionic compounds because they contain polyatomic IONS and a learn the common uses for these substances Be able to write the formula if asked for example what is the chemical formula for bleach a Finally learn the names of the following IONIC molecules They will help you remember the naming rules for IONIC compounds Chemical Formula Name NH4ClO4 ammonium perchlorate This pollutant is being cleaned up don t panic but it has also been found recently 2007 in lettuce because the untreated water from the Colorado River is used to irrigate farmland It can cause cancer and damage the thyroid sodium hypochlorite NaClO Reason for Knowing this formula This is a common pollutant in our drinking water The source is the Colorado River The substance leached into the river from a factory that made ammonium perchlorate as a component of rocket fuel This is usually the formula for a chlorine bleach used in liquid bleaches 1 Polyatomic Ions Formula Name of polyatomic Ion NH4 ammonium and and ClO4 perchlorate ClO hypochlorite Polyatomic Ions Chemical Formula Name CaCO3 calcium carbonate NaHCO3 NH4NO3 Fe2O3 You don t have to memorize this formula sodium hydrogen carbonate

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