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Negotiating Your Salary Why Negotiate a Salary The confidence you exhibit during the negotiation process of the interview shows that you have researched and have a good understanding of your worth in the marketplace Candidates should be ready to negotiate and most employers expect it Eight out of ten times you re offered a job you can ask the prospective employer for a sweeter deal Saying yes to the first offer could be a very costly yes The negotiation process may feel uncomfortable at times and continue for a few days but persistence and good salary information will give you the edge We are reluctant to negotiate for fear of killing our chance for the job or because we don t know how to negotiate Agreeing to the first offer made may be the path to least resistant but may also be the most expensive mistake you will make Patience persistence preparation and research are the keys to a confident and a productive negotiation process Be Prepared and Do The Research Prepare for the question by researching in advance probable salary ranges for similar jobs in similar organizations regions economic environment and what the market will bare A list of salary resources for art and designers is available for you to research In addition complete an analysis of your own personal budget and what you will need to live and pay your bills Combining these pieces of information will give you a salary range in which you can feel confident to negotiate Addressing the salary issue in the interview The salary question can pop up at various times during the job search process even before they meet you This is a strategy to screen you out Be prepared to satisfy them without giving them specific amounts The best position in which to negotiate from is one in which you know they want you so it is important for you to delay the salary discussion until you have had a chance to sell your skills attributes and the important value you can bring to the organization The following are some statements

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