Texas Demographic and Economic Trends

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Lecture 2 Outline of Current Lecture II. Demographic Trends a. Massive growth in population of the state b. Larger percentage of minority groups i. Hispanics, African Americans, Asian Americans III. Economic Trends a. From Cotton, Cattle, and Oil to a diversification of state economy IV. 6 Economic Regions a. East Texas b. Plains Region c. Gulf Coast d. Metroplex e. Central Corridor f. Borders Current Lecture STATE POLITICAL CULTURES Demographic Trends  Trend #1: massive growth in population of the state  4 factors explaining the large migration of people to TEXAS in the last 40 years o 1970s – 11 million o 2000s – 21 million o 2010s – 25 million (20% growth rate in Texas since 2000)  1st reason: TX is a Sunbelt state – state with better weather –average growth is higher in Sunbelt states  2nd reason: proximity of Texas to Mexico o contributes in two ways – one is increased immigration because TX is a border state o second is economic opportunities, trade between TX & Mexico provides economic opportunity  3rd reason: late 1970s – early 1980s – OIL Boom o added jobs and a reason for people to come to the state  4th reason: economic decline in industrial Midwest o due to the economic decline in the industrial Midwest, people are looking for jobs and TX has economic opportunities because of trade and oil boom  Political Consequences of these trends >> o 1970s – 2000s Change from Democratic dominated to Republican dominated state o older Texans supported Democratic Party more o new people that migrated into TX were more aligned with the Republican party (bring in different party loyalty) o TX government grows because of a growth in spending, which is driven simply by increased numbers of people >> need more roads, more teachers, more police, etc. as population grows o in other words, TX needs a bigger government to deal with a bigger population POLS 207 2nd Edition

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