Using Literature Circles


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Using Literature Circles Encouraging Meaningful Access to Literary Texts 1 What Are Literature Circles According to Harvey Daniels Literature Circles are small temporary discussion groups who have chosen to read the same story poem article or book 13 2 Why Use Literature Circles Literature Circles are based on sound educational theories 9 9 9 9 9 9 Reading is a strategic process Reading is a transaction among reader text and context Independent reading is linked to reading gains Scaffolding enables learning Collaborative social and interactive learning is beneficial There can be multiple interpretations of a text 3 Furthermore Discussions are student centered Interactions with texts are meaningful Response to the reading is deeper and more personal 4 Literature Circles Combine two powerful teaching learning strategies z z collaborative learning and independent reading 5 Literature Circles are student led heterogeneous and small group Student selected reading material Temporary groups of 4 6 students formed according to book selections Regular meetings that allow groups to discuss their reading 6 Components Student generated discussion topics Discussions that are conversational and exploratory in nature Use of notes to guide students reading and discussion Students assume a variety of roles 7 Components con t Discussion environment is nonjudgmental and safe for risktaking Students share completed books with peers and select a new book Teachers facilitate rather than dominate 8 Establishing Literature Circles Create time and space Establish rules and procedures Model the process 9 Demonstrate the Process Read a selection aloud for entire class Students take notes use of sticky notes Students generate authentic questions Facilitate discussion encourage turn taking piggybacking 10 Implementing Literature Circles Selecting texts book talks votes Forming groups Determining reading assignments roles Individual preparation reading and taking notes Meeting to discuss 11 Keys

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