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Language Delays and Disorders Demographics Causes Assessment Treatment Language Disorders 1 What is a language delay or disorder Language delay Occurs when a child uses language typical for a younger child Sometimes a child is considered delayed when there is a one year discrepancy between their language development age and their chronological age Language disorder When the child or adult uses language which is inappropriate regardless of developmental age Language Disorders 2 Demographics Language disorders comprise the largest caseload for school and pre school SLPs Language Disorders 3 1 Causes Cognitive Delay Hearing loss Brain injury or disorder Learning disability Autism Language depravation Language Disorders 4 Cognitive Delay Children with a CD tend to be delayed in all phases of development including Motor skills Social development Self care Language Intellectual and adaptive behavior Degree of CD will have an effect on language For example a child with a mild impairment might have only a slight delay while a child with severe or profound CD may be non verbal Language Disorders 5 Hearing Impairment Mild loss Normally due to otitis media middle ear infection and can cause a delay In most cases these children eventually catch up to their peers Profound hearing loss Deaf Children typically never become proficient in English grammar but often will use American Sign Language ASL which has their own unique syntactic rules Language Disorders 6 2 Hearing Impairment High frequency loss Hearing loss where they may not hear high frequency speech sounds such as s and d which might lead to difficulty with plurals s and past tense ed If unaided children generally are delayed by about one year for every 10 dB of hearing loss Early intervention with hearing aids or cochlear implants is vital for language development Language Disorders 7 Brain injury or disorder Might be a result of Cerebral palsy or other neurological disorder Traumatic brain injury Language Disorders 8

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