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Truancy Prevention in Action GUIDELINES FOR EVALUATING TRUANCY REDUCTION PROGRAMS BY TED WESLEY AND PATRICIA CLOUD DUTTWEILER NDPC truancy Eval 2 06 indd 1 2 8 06 2 49 24 PM Learn more about issues related to truancy prevention from all four monographs in this series TRUANCY PREVENTION IN ACTION SERIES Legal and Economic Implications of Truancy Best Practices and Model Truancy Programs Planning Collaboration and Implementation Strategies for Truancy Programs Guidelines for Evaluating Truancy Programs Copyright 2005 National Dropout Prevention Center Network College of Health Education and Human Development Clemson University 209 Martin Street Clemson SC 29631 1555 864 656 2599 email ndpc clemson edu www dropoutprevention org This project was supported by Award Number 2003JSFX0084 awarded by the Of ce of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Of ce Of Justice Programs The opinions ndings and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this publication are those of the author s and do not necessarily re ect the views of the Department of Justice NDPC truancy Eval 2 06 indd 2 2 8 06 2 49 25 PM TABLE OF CONTENTS Acknowledgments 1 Executive Summary 3 Introduction 6 Why Evaluate 9 The Evaluation Process Program Evaluation Logic and Development Phases 11 Phase I Identi cation of program components elements procedures and activities to be evaluated 12 Phase II Generation of evaluation questions 15 Phase III Selection of evaluation design and procedures for data collection and analyses 18 Phase IV Instrumentation 21 Phase V Data collection analysis summarization and interpretation 23 Phase VI Preparation of the evaluation report 26 Conclusion 30 References 31 Tools 32 Logic Model for the Evaluation of Results Based Truancy Reduction Programs Example and Worksheets 33 Creating an Effective Truancy Reduction Program Design and Evaluation Guidelines and Worksheets 36 Developing an Action and Evaluation Plan for a Truancy Reduction Program Guidelines and Worksheets 42 About

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