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1 Business Mini Plan 1 1 Objective Mission The objective of Light LeaderTM is to help interested beginner guitarists learn to play the guitar with relative ease Light Leader provides an interactive learning experience using light emitting diodes LEDs and computer software The software contains tutorials and offers customizable guitar tablature that users can read at their own pace As tablature appears on the screen LEDs attached to the guitar neck will illuminate fingering positions under the guitar strings Light Leader has many adjustable settings that users can control to meet their personal skill levels The LED strap requires no batteries as it is powered via Universal Serial Bus USB Learning guitar has never been easier and more fun with Light Leader Light Leader is the forefront in fulfilling the company s mission to provide prolonged customer satisfaction Product designs are driven by customer feedback resulting in an item that appeals to users and meets their demands Light Leader is used by company employees as well to increase awareness of potential technical issues and to encourage consistent quality of development 1 2 1 3 Keys to Success Develop a useful yet affordable product The LED strap should be durable and accurately sized and the software should contain effective programming and a visually appealing design However materials and labor costs should not make the product too expensive Offer effective customer service Dependable warranties and quick strap replacements improve customer trust in the product Online software updates help to increase the lifetime of the product and customer interest Research future markets After Light Leader s success on guitar the company can expand its product line to other musical instruments Consistent research of customer demands determines the best and most profitable steps in the company s growth Target Market Light Leader s target market centers on adolescents but can include all adults Guitar skills can be learned at

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