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Grid Computing 7700 Fall 2005 Lecture 2 About Grid Computing Gabrielle Allen allen bit csc lsu edu http www cct lsu edu gallen Teaching Quick Test What reason does Foster 2002 give that the Web is not a Grid Advances in which area have changed the way we should think about collaboration a sensors b supercomputers c mass storage d networks e HDTV What is GGF an acronym for What speed do gravitational waves travel at a speed of sound b speed of light c infinite speed d 103 457 km s e they do not move Some History 1843 US Congress investigate telegraph technology 1993 Legion project starts 1999 SETI home 1993 HPF specification released 1866 Transatlantic telegraph cable laid 1994 MPI 1 specification released 1999 Napster Centralized file sharing 1901 Transatlantic radio transmission 1994 Nimrod project starts LAN based 1965 Multics developers envisage utility computing 1969 Unix is developed 1970 ARPANET DoD exerimental WAN precusor to internet 1972 C written by Ritchie 1994 First beowulf cluster 1995 Dot com era starts 1995 Netscape goes public 1995 FAFNER Factoring via NetworkEnabled Recursion 2000 Microsoft release NET 2000 Gnutella released P2P file sharing 2001 Anatomy of the Grid 2001 NSF announces TeraGrid 2001 First Global Grid Forum 1975 Microsoft founded 1995 I WAY Information Wide Area Year at SC95 2001 Cactus Globus MPICH G2 win Gordon Bell prize 1980s Parallel computing algorithms programs and architectures 1995 Globus project ANL UC ISI starts 2002 Earth Simulator 40TFlop NEC machine 1980s Grand Challenge applications 1995 Java released by Sun 1985 NSFNET Links SC centers at 56 kbps 1997 UNICORE project starts 1988 Condor project starts LAN based 1989 Metacomputing term CASA project 1990 HTML developed by Tim BernersLee first browsers 1991 Linus Thorvalds works on Linux 1993 Mosaic browser released 1997 Legion released 1997 Entropia founded 1998 Globus 1 0 released 1998 Legion commercial via Applied Metacomputing becomes Avaki in 2001 1999 First Grid

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