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Interview Questions for Computer Support position Opening Description of campus and unit structure and unit s responsibilities Provide job description to candidates Introduce selection committee members Obtain a completed application form from candidate if not originally submitted Essential functions This position would require you to sit at a desk routinely visit various offices spread across the campus and to lift or transport packages hardware between locations Do you have any considerations given the physical requirements of this position Basic Computer Experience Platforms Briefly describe your level of experience with the following computing platforms Macintosh Power Macintosh DOS Windows Unix Networking Do you have any experiences setting up configuring Mac TCP and Open Transport Have you set up and configured networked printers Can you describe what a BootP server does A DHCP server Field Assessment and Support 1 Communicating with Staf Could you describe your experience in communicating technical information to both non technical and technical staf 1 16 19 How would you deal with staf who direct their frustration with computer problems at you Could you tell us about a difficult situation with a user and how you handled it How would you deal with staf who have a difficult time understanding how to use computers and software that is required in their position 2 Familiarity with standard applications What is your level of experience using the following applications system software Mac OS 7 5 1 7 6 1 Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel FileMaker Pro Eudora Netscape Navigator What is your experience with creating web pages Describe your familiarity with any Macintosh application scripting tools AppleScript Frontier WordBasic Visual Basic for Applications and Excel s Macro Language 3 Providing support What is your experience providing support for desktop productivity applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel Describe your troubleshooting experience with regard to

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