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Soc 1 Final Exam Study Guide Winter Quarter 2009 Soc 1 Study Guide Second Half of the Course February 10th Lecture 5 Individual Institutional Duality Approaches to Social Class Key Concepts Approaches to social class Individual Centered Approach Institutional Centered Approach Duality Approach Class distinctions based on Distinctions Hierarchy Power Wealth Work Health Opportunity Statistics on Inequality in the U S Distribution of U S wealth Poverty by ethnic racial men women children female headed households Americans that have experienced poverty Statistics on Inequality in U S Compared to Other Nations Per capita income Wealth owned by richest 10 of population Gap between high income and low income individuals Poverty rate total children and elderly Children in poverty Poverty after taxes and transfers Infant mortality Labor unions Cost of labor Vacation time Tax as GNP Resources devoted to government social programs Adult literacy Job training help Imprisonment Statistics on Inequality in U S Over Time The Long Gilded Age The Great Compression Middle Class America Middle Class America The Great Divergence Top decile income share Inequality Rising Income growth by groups during different presidencies Income Groups CEO pay vs average wages Income shares Federal tax rates Earned income tax credit and AFCD TANF 1 Soc 1 Final Exam Study Guide Winter Quarter 2009 Spending on poor individuals Housing high quality childcare higher education health insurance The dream divide Soaring college tuitions Job losses in recent recessions Individual Centered Approach The Self made self Survival of the fittest Hard work smarts and gumption Individuals make their own lives Individuals make choices Individuals have abilities resources Competition between individuals Brightest hardest working most moral etc succeed History of Individual Centered Theories in America No Aristocracy The Frontier Frederick Jackson Turner Horatio Alger stories ambition hard work ingenuity talent

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