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Phonetics Sound Principles Chapter 3 By the End of this Unit You will be able to transcribe this Jeff Foxworthy s Words in the South You won t not be able to hear it at home If You Were in Charge would you implement a spelling system with a one for one correspondence between spoken written words Why or Why Not Audio Ambiguity I scream Ice Cream Grade A The sun s rays meet It s hard to recognize speech Sound Safari I Find audio ambiguity in the lyrics of a song Email me with the title the lyrics with the ambiguity highlighted a sound file if possible Choose I or II or both for 1 5 total points what the words sound like to you what the words really are Identical but distinct Write Boiling Springs rite rait Bowlin Spraings Others Speech vs Orthography Did he believe Caesar could see the people seize the seas Red Green Blue You Tell Me The silly amoeba stole the key to the machine identify the i s Why so Many Discrepancies Developmental influences Old system Global language Phonological changes next chapter Variation in speech writing Phonetics Defined The branch of linguistics that studies the inventory and structure of the sounds of speech Phonetic Disciplines Acoustic Phonetics Articulatory Phonetics Name One at least of The 4 ways f is spelled The 6 ways a is pronounced Multiple letters making only one sound gh in enough Find another IPA Familiarize yourself Charts inside the covers of the textbook front vowels back consonants Focus on American English sounds Be able to Produce each sound Identify sounds from description Provide description of sounds Transcribe words For your Transcription Use the Charts See also http www paulmeier com ipa charts html http www chass utoronto ca 7Edan hall phonetics sammy html this one helps you visualize how sounds are made But beware Sammy offers lots of symbols we don t need Vocal Tract for SAE sounds A B K J I H G F E C D A Nasal Cavity nasal B Soft Palate Velum velar C Epiglottis glottal D Vocal cords voicing E Tongue Back F

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