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THE COA 415 GUGPU General purpose graphics processing unit The GPU market The integrated GPU 90 of the GPU market is integrated graphics 1 Unless you manufacture motherboards there s no way in The dedicated GPU The Two main players are NVidia and ATI Both companies are pursuing GPGPU technology 1 http www anandtech com show 2339 23 The GPGPU General Purpose Graphics Processing Unit GPU s excel in floating point processing and parallel computing Its drawbacks are large power consumption and the fact that its abilities are limited by the latencies in data transfer between the GPGPU and the CPU But how did the GPU evolve into the GPGPU History of the Graphics Processing Unit Modern graphics processors are a relatively new technology starting out as VGA controllers as recently as 15 years ago The catalyst of graphics processing technology was the advent of new and better semiconductors that allowed more operations to be preformed APIs like OpenGL and Microsoft s DirectX began being developed that let programers write code that could be executed on the GPU Overview of DirectX and OpenGL OpenGL OpenGL was developed so programmers could write one set of code that could be executed on a wide range of graphics cards Originally for windows 95 Developed by Silicon Graphics and Maintained by the Kronos Group Direct X Developed by Microsoft Made to be more hardware specific Also developed originally for windows 95 The COA 415 GPGPU In order to be effective as a general purpose graphics processing unit our device must do two things First it must communicate with the CPU and be able to transfer data and instructions back and forth It must also be able to perform complex single and double precision floating point operations using parallel processing This way the GPGPU will be able to quicly execute floating point operations that would take a long amount of time to execute on the CPU Intel or Amd For the COA 415 GPGPU we have decided to use the Intel architecture since it lends

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