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Catch the Wave TAKS Objective 4 The student will demonstrate an understanding of motion forces and energy TEKS 8 7 Science Concepts The student knows that there is a relationship between force and motion The student is expected to B recognize that waves are generated and can travel through different media Lesson Objectives The learner will be able to differentiate between the motion of the wave and the motion of the matter carrying the wave The learner will identify waves that require a medium to move through and waves that travel through empty space The learner will demonstrate that waves carry energy Lesson Objectives Students will generate waves that pass through different media The student will demonstrate that a wave moves forward while the material through which it passes is displace only slightly and momentarily Students will measure wave properties What students will study Mechanical waves which require a medium Longitudinal waves like sound Transitional waves like ocean waves What students will study Electromagnetic waves travel though space Radiation from the Sun produces heat on Earth Radio waves are captured by a receiver and transformed into mechanical waves L o n g i t u d i n a l Mechanical Waves Are caused by the Compression and R a r e f a c t I o n Of the molecules in the medium through which the wave is traveling An example is Sound Waves Another mechanical wave Is the transverse wave The wave travels and the medium moves from side to side T r a n s v e r s e Waves that travels through space are called Electromagnetic Waves radio light heat radiation microwaves X rays Summary Waves carry energy from one place to another without the medium moving nearly as far Amplitude is the size of a wave Wavelength is the distance from one point a wave to a corresponding point on the next cycle Period is the time it takes to make one oscillation Frequency is how many times in a second a wave wiggles Summary Continued There are many kinds of waves Mechanical

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