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CERCLA SAFE 210 History Enacted in 1980 Focused on abandoned disposal sites inactive hazardous waste sites and spills discharges into the environment Failure or success Definitions Hazardous substances located in 40 CFR Part 302 Hazardous substances defined in Section 101 14 and 102 of CERCLA Hazardous wastes under RCRA and Section 3001 Hazardous substances in Section 311 of CWA Toxic pollutants in Section 307 of CWA Hazardous air pollutants in Section 112 of CAA Imminently hazardous substances in Section 7 of TSCA Potentially Responsible Party PRP Reportable quantity Release Major Components Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act SARA Superfund Response actions remedial process National Priority List NPL National Contingency Plan NCP Reporting requirements Liability SARA Superfund Created by taxes Used to pay cleanup and enforcement costs as well as natural resource damages and private party claims Response Actions Removal action 12 months to complete Up to 2 million in expenditure Remedial Takes action years to complete Remedial Process Site identification NPL listing Planning remedial actions Remedial investigation feasibility study Determining level of cleanup Record of decision Administrative record Implementation of cleanup decision State involvement1 1 Sullivan Thomas F P et al Environmental Law Handbook Sixteenth ed 2001 Rockville MD National Priorities List Established in 1981 Based on a hazard ranking system National Contingency Plan NCP Primary guide for response actions The NCP addresses Responsibilities Coordination Response Cleanup Administrative record Reporting Requirements Report to National Response Center What is a release What is the reportable quantity Liability PRP Who are Potentially Responsible Parties PRPs Current owner and operator Owner at time of disposal Generator of hazardous substances Transporter of hazardous substance that who arranged for disposal Liability Features Strict liability Retroactive liability Joint and several

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