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Chapter 14 Leading the Sales Team MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS A 14 1 332 Leadership is the ability to A influence other people toward the attainment of objectives B sell C find new sales prospects and turn them into customers D perform administrative tasks E use computer based inventory control systems E 14 2 332 The attainment of organizational goals in an effective and efficient manner through planning organizing staffing directing and controlling organizational resources is called A delegation B power assignment C leadership D marketing E planning B 14 3 332 A traditional leader using traditional management techniques A creates an atmosphere of change B will often stress the impersonal aspects of performance C has more commitment to his or her subordinates than to the firm D tends to be less predictable and may not conform to organizational norms E motivates people to do more than normally expected C 14 4 333 According to the text leaders do NOT possess A a strong sense of purpose B the ability to learn C a strong risk avoidance mechanism D a self knowledge E an ability to establish human relationships based on trust respect and caring E 14 5 333 Effective leaders are A risk avoiders B self centered C easily distracted D inefficient communicators E none of the above C 14 6 333 The study of leadership has identified six factors important to the attainment of acceptable levels of performance Which of the following is one of those factors A the organizational mission B the type of organizational structure C the sales manager himself or herself D the reward system E the number of staff people involved B 14 7 334 is the ability to influence the behavior of others A Motivation B Power C Control D Authority E Delegation B 14 8 335 Legitimate power is based on an individual s ability to recommend punishment or bestow rewards formal position in the organization D special skill regarding the task performed by followers D personality E ability to command respect and

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