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Bioremediation of Pesticides Lynnea Golding Bioremediation Mineralization transformation alteration George Robinson Objectives Oxidation Biotransformation Reduction Pesticides EPA any substance or mixture of substances intended for preventing destroying repelling or mitigating any pest Classified by structure Pesticide Concerns Stimulation of nervous system Biomagnification Pesticide Bioremediation Methods Intrinsic bioremediation Ex situ and in situ treatment Environmental Factor Optimum Conditions Available soil moisture 25 85 water holding capacity Oxygen 0 2 mg L DO 10 air filled pore space for aerobic degradation Redox potential Eh 50 millivolts Nutrients C N P 120 10 1 molar ratio pH 5 5 to 8 5 Temperature 15 45 C Ex Situ Bioremediation Pump and treat Biopile treatment Landfarming Pump and treat Contaminated groundwater Treatment via engineered systems Activated sludge Trickling filter Rotating Biological Contactors Ion Exchange Biopile Treatment Excavate soil Covered with impermeable liner Leachate collection system Landfarming Treatment Excavation and relocation Tilled periodically In Situ Bioremediation Fungi Bioventing Fungi Treatment White rot fungi Natural degrader of recalcitrant compounds Bioventing Injection wells Nutrients and water provided Ex situ vs In situ Treatment Ex situ Shorter amount of time Easier to control Increase in labor costs Large amount of space required Ex situ vs In situ Treatment In situ Long time frame Hard to control Intense monitoring Conclusion Pesticide remediation necessary Partial degradation may produce toxic compounds Further research needed Questions

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