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Agricultural Youth Organizations Oct 2 2006 By Dr David Agnew Associate Professor of Agricultural Education Today Agenda Review Parliamentary Procedure State 1 4 paragraphs of Creed Your abstracts Reminder about the speech next week Big Surprise SAEPs Child labor laws Review Questions 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 When was FFA founded Name fives degrees of members Name four types of members Where do you find the qualifications for each type of degree What type of information will you find in the FFA Constitution Define leadership Name three misunderstandings about leadership What are the three types of leaders Explain the difference in Transactional Transformational leadership 10 steps to becoming a successful leader Review Questions Cont What are some do s and don ts for conducting effective meetings Why an agenda is important What four things does PP provide for in a meeting What are the items in a typical FFA agenda What does it mean to be Germane or to have the floor or to have a quorum Name 3 forms of voting from lowest to highest Demonstrate how to conduct a vote List the different types of motions Review Questions Q1 Which of the following is of such great importance that it takes precedence of all the other motions Incidental Motions Main Motion Privileged Motions Subsidiary Motion Q2 Which of the following is used to bring up a new subject or idea to the group Point of Order Incidental Motions Main Motion Recess Q3 Which is not a subsidiary motion Previous Question Limit Extend Debate Refer to Committee Appeal Q4 Which of the following requires second is debatable but not amendable majority vote Point of Order Appeal Lay on the Table Withdraw Q5 Which of the following is used when a member disagrees with the vote result stated by the chair Suspend the Rules Postpone Definitely Lay on the Table Division of the House Q6 Suspend the rules requires second is not debatable is amendable ad a 2 3 vote TrueFalse Q7 A parliamentary inquiry requires second is not amendable or

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