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The In Context Slider A Fluid Interface Component for Visualization and Adjustment of Values while Authoring Andrew Webb and Andruid Kerne Interface Ecology Lab Computer Science Dept Texas A M University College Station TX 77843 USA awebb andruid cs tamu edu ABSTRACT context of the user s situated task In context interfaces address these design issues by providing affordances in place Activation is transitory that is they only appear when necessary and requested Clear mappings are based on fluid gestures Activation rules are based on the user s context As information environments grow in complexity we yearn for simple interfaces that streamline human cognition and effort Users need to perform complex operations on thousands of objects Human attention and available screen real estate are constrained We develop a new fluid interface component for the visualization and adjustment of values while authoring the InContext Slider which reduces physical effort and demand on attention by using fluid mouse gestures and in context interaction We hypothesize that such an interface will make adjusting values easier for the user We evaluated the In Context Slider as an affordance for adjusting values of interest in text and images compared with a more typical interface Participants performed faster with the In Context Slider They found the new interface easier to use and more natural for expressing interest We then integrated the In Context Slider in the information composition platform combinFormation Participants experienced the In Context Slider as easier to use while developing collections to answer openended information discovery questions This research is relevant for many applications in which users provide ratings such as recommender systems as well as for others in which users adjustment of values on concurrently displayed objects is integrated with extensive interactive functionality The present research is concerned with contextualized visualization and adjustment of a

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