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do Geoffrey Kirkman Harvard University There is poor telecommunications deployment over the country and most of the population doesn t have access to technology or Internet Senior executive Dominican Bank Our primary setback is education Sales executive Dominican IT company Country Profiles 192 There is a growing desire in the Dominican Republic to build on a decade of economic success and to become a service oriented Networked Ready economy The nation faces a number of major challenges particularly in rural urban disparities education income distribution and effective coordination between the government and the private sector The Dominican Republic ranks forty seventh overall in the Networked Readiness Index and eighth within Latin America In general information infrastructure in the Dominican Republic is fairly well developed in affluent and urban locales but poor elsewhere Ranking in Information Infrastructure micro index 45 The country has good international connectivity driven largely by the demand for communication with the large Dominican diaspora in the United States Many ICT business leaders want greater dialogue with the government to improve Networked Readiness Ranking in ICT as Government Priority 45 The recent establishment of Indotel a quasi independent telecommunications regulatory agency was a positive step toward creating a competitive telecommunications environment Ranking in Effect of Telecommunications Competition 11 The local long distance cellular and ISP markets are dominated by the former state monopoly CODETEL The cellular sector is the most competitive and mobile telephony has boomed in recent years There are only three major ISPs operating in the Dominican Republic Although DSL service was rolled out during 2001 broadband is almost nonexistent Ranking in Availability of Broadband 38 There is very little Internet use outside of Santo Domingo and Santiago the nation s two largest cities Reliability of the electricity supply is poor even in

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