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Architecture Design Materials Studio Spring 2007 CMU Arch 48 205 M W F 1 30 4 20 Class W ebsite www andrew cm u edu course 48 205 Coordinator Kai Gutschow Em ail gutschow cm u edu Off Hr M W 12 30 1 30pm by appt in MM307 1 11 07 S 07 SYLLABUS As architects we are united in our love of the physical world We like to touch and make real things B Tsien Material itself is dead and lifeless It is only given life by form breathed into it by the creative will of the artist W Gropius OVERVIEW Building on the fall Composition studio the spring semester is concerned with more in depth understanding and development of designs for small scale buildings now informed by greater knowledge related to materials and the act of construction We seek to explore the aesthetic and experiential meaning of materials WHY and the technical knowledge related to the use of materials and the processes of construction HOW The creative opportunities and design implications of using varied materials structural systems and assembly techniques are elaborated especially as they determine the artistic conceptual poetic creative spatial and experiential aspects of architecture The studio the lectures and the required Building Study will focus on the application and integration of knowledge acquired in a parallel Materials Assembly course 48 215 Objectives To analyze and think critically about the role that materials assembly methods and construction play in existing architectures and applying this with intent as part of a larger synthetic and creative design process in your own designs To define strategies for problem solving conceptual development and poetic expression at all levels of the design process large and small conceptual and real To develop structured arguments about your design intentions and the means to communicate them effectively especially with regard to materials and construction As in the fall the focus of both the teaching and learning must be in 6 areas 1 Attitude 2 Verbal Acuity 3

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