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Fl China 23 171 174 2010 4 SCIRPUS Linnaeus Sp Pl 1 47 1753 nom cons biao cao shu Liang Songyun Liang Song jun Gordon C Tucker Herbs perennials Culms tufted 3 angled to obtusely 3 angled rarely terete few to many nodose Leaves basal and cauline leaf blade linear grasslike ligulate base sheathing Involucral bracts leaflike spreading Inflorescence a terminal corymbiform anthela with many spikelets Spikelets ovoid to ellipsoid generally rather small Glumes spirally arranged deciduous each subtending a flower Flowers bisexual Perianth bristles 3 6 as long as to much longer than nutlet deciduous with nutlet Stamens 1 3 Style base not thickened persistent stigmas 2 or 3 Nutlet obovoid to ellipsoid compressed 3 sided to biconvex smooth apex beaked About 35 species mostly in temperate regions of N Hemisphere greatest diversity in North America 12 species four endemic in China 1a Involucral bracts spathelike 11 S maximowiczii 1b Involucral bracts leaflike 2a Prophyll subtending a bisexual flower 12 S paniculatocorymbosus 2b Prophyll absent 3a Spikelets dark green to grayish 4a Perianth bristles erect retrorsely scabrous nearly as long as nutlet 1 S orientalis 4b Perianth bristles prominently flexuose to contorted retrorsely scabrous only near apex 2 4 as long as nutlet 2 S radicans 3b Spikelets reddish brown 5a Spikelets narrowly ovoid basal several glumes empty 9 S filipes 5b Spikelets globose ovoid oblong or ellipsoid all glumes with a flower 6a Perianth bristles basally glabrous and apically densely pubescent with long yellowish brown hairs 10 S hainanensis 6b Perianth bristles antrorsely scabrous but not pubescent 7a Glumes 1 veined apex acuminate perianth bristles flexuose 1 5 4 as long as nutlet nutlet compressed 3 sided stigmas 3 8a Glumes lanceolate to ovate lanceolate 2 5 3 mm 3 S karuisawensis 8b Glumes deltoid ovate to oblong ovate 1 3 2 mm 9a Spikelets globose ellipsoid glumes 1 3 1 5 mm apex obtuse 4 S lushanensis 9b Spikelets globose glumes 1 8 2 mm apex acute

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