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NB Unofficial translation Guardianship Services Act 442 1999 Chapter 1 General provisions Section 1 1 The objective of guardianship services is to look after the rights and interests of persons who cannot themselves take care of their financial affairs owing to incompetency illness absence or another reason 2 If the interests of someone need to be looked after in a non financial affair this shall be a task for guardianship services in so far as provided below Section 2 For the purposes of this Act an incompetent person is defined as a person under 18 years of age minor or a person who has attained the age of 18 years adult but who has been declared incompetent Section 3 1 The financial affairs of an incompetent person and his her other affairs referred to in this Act shall be managed by a guardian 2 A guardian may be appointed in accordance with this Act also to a person who is not incompetent if the person needs support in managing his her affairs If the appointment of a guardian is not sufficient in order to safeguard the person s interests his her competency can be restricted as provided below 1 2 Chapter 2 Guardians Eligibility Section 4 1 The custodians of a minor shall also be his her guardians unless otherwise provided below However a court may dismiss a custodian from his her task as guardian and where necessary appoint another person as the guardian of the minor 2 An adult s guardian shall be the person who has been appointed to the task by a court or a guardianship authority 3 A court or guardianship authority may appoint several guardians and where necessary decide on the division of task among them Section 5 A suitable person who consents to the appointment shall be eligible as a guardian In the assessment of suitability inter alia the skill and experience of the nominee and the nature and extent of the task shall be taken into account Section 6 1 An incompetent person shall not be eligible as a guardian 2 If the custodian of a child is a minor at the

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