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TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Resume Content Objective Statement and Summary 2 3 Education Section 3 5 Experience Section 5 7 Awards Honors Scholarships 7 Extracurricular Activities 7 Volunteer Community Activities 7 Additional Activities Skills 7 Reference Statement 7 Action Verbs 8 Resume Do s and Don ts 9 10 Resumes and Technology 11 Resume Examples Example 1 12 Traditional chronological resume Example 2 13 Science resume demonstrating Related Other experience headings and a condensing experience statement Example 3 14 Business resume displaying transferable skill experience headings and statements describing knowledge gained from areas of study Example 4 15 Information Resources resume exhibiting career specific skill experience headings education project reference closure with additional skills Example 5 16 Engineering resume demonstrating related education project Example 6 17 Health care resume illustrating summary of clinicals Example 7 18 Web design resume with professional experience and credits completed towards masters degree Example 8 19 20 Social Work two page resume and a condensing experience statement Example 9 21 Functional resume of new graduate Example 10 22 Functional resume of career changer University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Career Development Center RESUME CONTENT YOUR NAME Street Address City State Zip Area Code Phone Number E mail Website Optional OBJECTIVE STATEMENT EXECUTIVE SUMMARY YOUR RESUME S OPENING HANDSHAKE Optional but highly recommended Purpose Demonstrates how your skills background add value to an organization by using language from the field industry and from the job posting or position description for which you are applying Gets the reader s immediate attention and motivates the reader to continue reading Provides a clear concise and tailored statement which is readable within 30 seconds and presents what you can do for the organization not what they can do for you Traps to Avoid A poorly written or vague introduction statement may

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