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Using Science Notebooks as tools for teaching Why Science notebooks Important tools for practicing scientists Provide practice writing Everyday language Scientific language Students communicate with themselves Students re read their own writing Enhance organization skills Science notebooks enhance Science skills Figure 1 Results of the Valle Imperial Project in science on science proficiency From Klentschy et al 2000 Science notebooks enhance language skills Figure 2 Results of the Valle Imperial Project in science on English proficiency From Klentschy et al 2000 Components of Notebook Before investigation Describe plan investigation State question being addressed Make prediction before investigation Explain reasoning i e hypothesis behind prediction Please note Often stating the hypothesis is easier after making a prediction But distinction should still be made Components of Notebook During Investigation Record Methods What did you do Record Data in organized format Make tables Produce Graphs Record observations Answer Questions Explain thoughts ideas new concepts that arise during investigation Components of Notebook After Investigation Compare results to prediction basic stats Hypothesis supported or falsified explain why or why not use evidence from investigation How could investigation be improved How could you learn more New questions hypotheses or investigations Using the notebook Notebook is not the end product Use notebook to produce other products Posters drawings Summary Paper Using the notebook is key Makes students re read Notebook Relies on Communication organizational skills Communication with Future self Assessment Notebook is PRACTICE De emphasize right vs wrong Focus on how to improve Requires teacher feedback Focus assessment on Language use Organization Overall process of following recording and analyzing investigation Open Notebook quizzes can target specific content goals Content Assessment Content knowledge and understanding best assessed

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