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Objective Grading of Four Mallet Marimba Literature The Performance Level System Dr Julia Gaines Assistant Professor of Percussion School of Music University of Missouri Research Background Percussion Pedagogy DMA Document Percussion Techniques Class Sent questionnaire to 2000 current band directors asking if the percussion techniques class they took in college was helpful for their teaching Resulted in a 30 day lecture outline which included information suggested by on the job band directors MSHSAA Prescribed Music List President of MOPAS charged chapter with compiling complete database of pieces on the PGML with recommendations for removal or retention on the list Finally in summer of 2008 recommendations for removal were made suggestions for additions begin this next summer complete database of information on every piece approx 500 is available on MOPAS chapter website Current Research Project 3rd Project Examine the four mallet marimba repertoire and identify difficulty levels that expand the current grading system beginning intermediate advanced with the purpose of creating a pedagogically helpful listing of literature Why Two Personal Observations 1 Lack of Quality Pedagogical Information Too often beginning students particularly at the high school level do not follow an appropriate repertoire sequence to significantly advance the level of performance on the instrument Repertoire is static playing the same pieces 2008 MSHSAA district state appearances 20 90 over 20 of marimba solos were the same piece 2 Not enough quality literature at the beginning and intermediate difficulty levels quality often emerges from quantity 1 Lack of Quality Pedagogical Information Publisher Distributor Online Catalogs Provide information appropriate to selling a piece of music commercial bias skews information Reviews official PAS and unofficial personal websites Provide personal opinion regarding any number of aspects in a piece of music subjective and unreliable some very good

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